Great American Jet Rally 2011
in Hamburg, Pa.
by: Bob Violett

   Following a 2 day visit to Dayton, Ohio to catch the last few days of the Jet World Masters, we proceeded to Hamburg, Pa., the home of the Far View R/C Flyers.  They have the best, jet friendly, grassfield that we have flown at.  Nature keeps it watered, but the Far View Flyers keep it fed, rolled and cut to perfection and it is wide open on 3 sides to allow unlimited jet activity.
   We always enjoy a Hamburg event and the opportunity to visit with our buddies in the North East.

Photo Gallery
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   The "Best Military Jet" award was deservingly awarded to Frank Alvarez's Skymaster Hawk in the Mclaren scheme.  The beautiful aircraft, loaded down with external stores, flew perfectly with its 160 size turbine engine.  Everybody stopped to watch Frank fly it.

BVM Ultra Bandit's were plentiful at this event.  Here's a sampling:

Jordan Factor from Mt. Kisco, NY did a fantastic job flying his Lemans scheme Ultra Bandit.
Bob Tursack from Exton, Pa. likes the "Visual" properties of his Navy Trainer scheme version.  Dave Malchione Jr. was available for flight coaching.
Dustin and R.J. ready the BVM demo Ultra.
Leonard Smart and Bob Jesse won "Best of Show" with this extremely artful paint job.  Photos just can't do it justice but
we tried.

Nature keeping the grass watered on Saturday caused this view of our tent area.
  This "Down Time" allowed Dustin to check out Bob Tursack's new Skymaster T-33 for proper electronic programming, balance, systems function etc.  The model was flown on Sunday after the official event flying was complete.  One click of trim!
BVM electric jets were well represented by Ron Stahl with Jimmy Klapp assisting - EVF 4010 power.
Dustin with the BVM eBandit - EVF ~3~ 12s power.
BV won the "Best Electric Jet" award with the MiG-15 -
EVF ~3~ 12s.
Pete, Dave Sr., and Dave Jr. with the BVM Classic T-33 on EVF 5612 power.
The Malchione's field a lot of BVM jets at many of the North East events.  This F-100 has been a popular part of their show efforts for many years.  JetCat P-160 power.

Chris Trump from Quebec, Canada has been perfecting this BVM F-4 with P-120 power for a few years and it shows in his superb flight and static presentation. Chris also flies this early Addressor III with an EVF ~2~ 12s and it really performs.  Great paint work as always from Chris.

Kingcats are popular in this part  of the country.  Of the many present, we were able to photo these by Tyler Cartwright and Dominic Mirabello.

Reggie Showers puts on quite a high performance show with his JetCat P-80 powered Bandit ARF.  Alan Hoes offers some expert "spotter" coaching.  This hobby requires teamwork.

Rick Boyer and Mike Lesher assisted Erik Rudjord in the "Hard Work" department, i.e. putting the event together and making sure we all enjoyed our sport.  Alan D'Elena is offering advise. All of the pilots appreciated their effort.

   The next Hamburg event is scheduled for October 6 - 9, 2011.