September 8 - 11, 2011

   This event is unique in Aeromodeling.  It's specifically for electric jets, during a perfect time of year in Ohio, at a perfect model club facility, operated by a most energetic and enthusiastic club that truly makes attendees from around the world feel welcome.  The "Torks" like electric jets, and so does BVM!
   Our 28ft Feather-Lite Trailer and Explorer Van hauled 11 ready-to-fly EVF powered jets to Grove City and we flew all but one F-80.  It's sister ship the T-33, was just recently finished, so it consumed my attention.  That attention to perfection did pay off.  BVM's E-Jets dominated the large jet category with 24 registered entries and controlled the airspace most of the time. There were "zero" problems with EVF power systems at the event.
   The "Torks" noontime airshow is a key element in their good neighbor policy with a patriotic sky jumper act and a "Ranger" helicopter candy drop for the little ones.  This effort helps the local spectators get involved in the spirit of jet model aviation.  We then put on a impressive electric jet demo highlighted by Sabres and MiG's in a formation routine.

The Scale Event

   The "Torks" wanted to promote the value of larger scale "E" powered jets that can fly a 6+ minute flight with as many as 10 maneuvers similar to a Top Gun routine.  The "wow" factor bonus points were awarded for builder/pilot applied skin details and finish plus mechanical options such as: retracts, gear doors, flaps, speed brakes, tank drop, etc.  The scoring system allowed factory painted ARF's to compete, but gave advantage to the "builder and finisher" of the model entries.  The pilots who actually participated agreed that this system and scoring were fair and enjoyed the low key nature of the event.

The Speed Runs

   The speed event emphasizes technology and pilot skills and the ground rules are set by the event hosts with considerations for safety, the wind, and surrounding houses, barns, e.t.c.  The qualification runs at E-Jets were accomplished with a steady 10 mph headwind.  The top 5 qualifiers then had to fly consecutive upwind and downwind passes to establish a best 2 way radar clocked average.  Again, the pilots who actually participated in the event were pleased with the procedures and satisfied with the results.
   The top 3 speedsters were 100% BVM products with ThunderPower 65C batteries.  We actually ran the exact same set-ups as we did last year.  Our speeds were down a bit.  The wind and atmospheric conditions can easily account for a 5-10 mph difference.  There was also no challenge to increase the Watts.  From this manufactures' point of view, speed runs demonstrate efficiency of design and therefore reinforce our customer's confidence in their decision to buy BVM.
   We know that our customers want reliability and flight time and therefore our 10s and 12s EVF's are designed to draw a maximum of 115 amps.  When matched with light weight and efficient airframes, the customer benefits.  High amperage E.D.F.'s waste flight time, batteries, and money.  A "Slug" that flies for 3 minutes or less is of little value to most jet pilots.  See below for Speed Run results.

Photo Gallery
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From: John Kazlauskas

I wanted to also thank Bob, Dustin , and Gary for the help at
E-Jets. Dustin is an excellent test pilot and instructor! Thank you Dustin!

BVM produces excellent quality products, with great customer service after the sale.

The plane flies excellent and holds true to the BVM statement "ENGINEERED FOR SUCCESS".

John Kazlauskas  


Rei Gonzales and son R.J. logged over 50 flights on these EVF powered BVM Jets at this Ohio event.
Mike Grady showed this super detailed Sabre again this year with Pablo at the controls, it placed 3rd in the scale event.
  Kris Gunter traveled from Spring Hill, Fl. to totally enjoy his sport.  Kris commented that the opportunity to fly his Electra dozens of times at this perfect facility and learn from other top notch pilots really helped his flying.  We can attest to that - lots of perfect landings by Kris.
  Terry and Sheila Nitsch are the driving force behind E-Jets International and it is totally organized for the pilots' benefit.  Terry enjoyed flying his custom painted Sabre ARF on EVF 12s power showing the style and perfection he used to win the 2011 N.A.T.S. event.
BVM Jets were popular in the scale event.  BVM's demo MiG and F-4 Phantom (twin EVF) were flown by David Payne and Dustin Buescher.

The candy drop from the "Ranger" got the kids involved. This little cutie wasn't sure she wanted to share hers with Peanut.
Chris True rescued this very early BVM Sabre kit and converted it to EVF 10s power.  It flew very well.
The top 3 speed racers were 100% BVM products with ThunderPower 65C batteries.

Right to Left:

Dustin Buescher Electra EVF 15s 210.5 avg
Bob Violett Electra EVF 12s 200.5 avg
Pablo/Jack Fetter Electra EVF 12s 196.5 avg

Terry Nitsch built this early Electra from a kit and won a prestigious Toledo Show award about 5 years ago.  It was on display at their event.

  This "T" Bird was originally built and flown with turbine power in 2005.  It was an A.F.S. vintage airframe with a Metal-Kote finish sporting thousands of ProMark rub-on rivets and trimmed in bright red according to the "Artic" scheme of the 1950's.  Recently, I gutted the fuse and applied the internal structures of the BVM EVF F-80 Shooting Star with some modifications of course to allow for the 2 seater cockpit and extended fuse.
  With an EVF ~3~ 12s and ThunderPower 65C (3) 4S 7700mAh batteries, it weighs 22 Lbs.  The scale judges liked it and I flew a Top Gun style 10 maneuver routine that they also appreciated.  It won 1st place in the E-Jets International Scale Event.  The various parts package, plans and instructions to convert early Shooting Stars to EVF power will be available.  These projects are for experienced modelers who can build and paint.

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