2014 Review
by Bob Violett

Early April is a good time for jet flying in Florida, especially for enthusiasts from the Mid West and North Eastern states that experienced the coldest winter in decades.  An extra reward for their travel to Florida this year was the newly paved runway and wide open flying area of the now "Paved Paradise Field".
  The 136 registered pilots kept the six flight lines busy with non-stop jet noise and superb flying demonstrations. The BVM crew brought and flew a mix of 14 turbine and electric jets and as usual had the most complete business oriented trade stand.  Florida Jets is a great opportunity for the BVM staff to welcome our international customers and friends.

Thanks to Frank Tiano Enterprises for a fantastic Florida Jets presentation.

Photo Gallery
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Steve Stricker from Sparks, Maryland "cleaned-up" at the award's banquet with 3 trophies for his flying presentation of the Skymaster Phantom.  Everybody stopped to watch when this former T.O.C. pilot flew.

A slow fly-by with the landing gear in transit.

The Diaz boys shared pilot duties on the Skymaster Cougar and the BVM F-100D.
Set-up for a perfect landing is this BVM KingCat by Roger Ko.
Luki's twin "Rabbit" powered KingCat certainly attracts attention.
Tim Redelman's Ultra Bandit caught "In-Action" in this great photo.  It saw alot of action in the hands of the dude from Winamac, Indiana.
'As did this SkyBlazer scheme BVM F-100D by Greg Wright.
Dustin kept the BVM 1:6 scale F-16 in the air for all to observe.  This is a great new product for 2014

See BVM/F-16 For More Information

Kris Gunter assisted Barry Hou with the BVM F-16 on several flights.  Cloudy skies and light rain occurred on Thursday but many flew anyway.

Of course, the engine is a KingTech K-140G.

Steve Dimaio and Anthony Dimaio took a minute between their many BobCat sorties for this photo.
This BVM F-16 by Jason Bauer sports a Texas ANG Centennial scheme and it was very visible in the skies over Lakeland, Florida.
The Skymaster twin turbine powered, swing wing F-14 logged 3 flights at Florida Jets.  It is a new model that shows lots of potential.  All of the systems worked well which is testimony to excellent engineering and manufacturing involved in this most challenging subject. Li Kai and Morne are preparing it here for its next flight.
R.J. Gonzalez and Ali put on many impressive flights with this EVF ~3~ 12S powered MiG-15. R.J.'s paint work is commendable.
There were several Ultra Bandits at the show, but this photo opportunity captures 3 of the 4 most active.  Pilot/Owners are Chris Huhn, Tim Redelman, and Ritchie Holt.
The 4th very active Ultra Bandit of course was flown extraordinarily well by Shani Studnik.
90% of the E-Jets flown at Florida Jets were BVM products.  All of these were powered with the new "9er" versions of the BVM EVF's.  Enrico Traby traveled from Austria to enjoy his new 14s powered Navy Camo eBandit.

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Dustin flew the Skymaster F-104G with KingTech K-180G power and I-Gyro stabilization.  Afterburner lights from JetCentral add to the visual authenticity on climb out.


The BVM Trade Stand at Florida Jets 2014 had lots of flying demo jets on display and hundreds of BVM products for customers to view and select.



  Scott Harris has his BVM 80" Sabre setup for a perfect landing.  After 3 years of campaigning this very competitive scale jet, Scott is in complete control.
  This rare, but very special Colorado Air National Guard Anniversary paint scheme is extremely brilliant against the Florida blue sky.  Horizon Hobby's Chris Huhn is the pilot.


 We all can thank Frank Tiano for organizing and directing the Florida Jets event. Its international appeal is important
 to the growth of our sport.



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