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BVM F-16 1:6 Scale



PRICE $7,999.00
includes freight shipped within the USA

Includes NEW BVM branded Servos

What is Go Fly Gold? 

   Now you can literally assemble your jet in a few hours. Our team has taken the guesswork out of properly installing, rigging, labeling, and plumbing the complex controls, pneumatic, and fuel systems. Once you open the box, the simple tasks of connecting servo wires to your receiver, and finally mounting your turbine, can be accomplished with minimum time and facilities. The fuselage comes in one piece saving time.

  The construction of this jet is very light and clean. The servos installed in your F-16 are metal geared, high-voltage, brushless servos. They feature excellent torque and holding power with very low dead-band.  Analysis of the aircraft design and hundreds of flights from rough grass and smooth runways by the BVM team, has shown that this will be many jet guy's new weekend “fun” machine. We are certainly enjoying ours.

  Even though it's a Go Fly jet, BVM prepared a manual that covers every task from "Box to Flight Ready" that guarantees your success with this true-to-scale replica of a modern jet fighter.


Length: 96.5”

Wing Span: 65.5” with Missile Rails

Weight: 30-31lbs Dry

Thrust: 140N Class (31-32lbs)

Fuel Capacity:  3.3L

Smoke Capacity:   2.2 L




Special Features Installed

  • Central Control Unit (CCU)

  • Landing Gear w/Trailing Link Struts and Air System

  • Digital High Voltage Metal Gear Train

  • Servo Extensions and Linkage Rods

  • Navigation & Landing Lights

  • Fuel System

  • Doublewall Stainless Steel Thrust Tube

  • BVM Air Fill Valve

  • Air Tanks

  • Wheels and Brakes

  • Gear Valve

  • Brake Valve

  • Smoke Tank

  • Smoke Pump

  • BVM Air Gauge

  • Cockpit

  • Painted In Your Choice of Available Schemes - Custom Schemes Available

  • BVM Manual

BVM Servos Now Installed in   Models

BVM servos (32kg) are now installed in our F-16 1:6 scale model.

The NEW BVM Servos offer a higher resolution than the previously installed servo's.

The 32kg are HV, Digital, and Brushless.

Made by a well known manufacture in Taiwan.

Only available with a model purchase. Not available for individual sale.

  BLS 320 Specifications:
Torque @ 7.4v - 32.0kg/444.4oz-in
Speed @ 7.4v - 0.12 sec/60 deg
Refresh Rate: 333Hz
Motor Type: Brushless
Resolution (4096)

Controls QTY Servo Type
Steering 1 32kg
Aileron 2 32kg
Rudder 1 32kg
Elevator 2 32kg

Lights on, in the BVM showroom.


Items Needed To Complete:
Available from BVM

Pulse Ultra Batteries

You may have some of these products in your shop, but if not, refer to this list.


1/6 scale pilot figure


Spektrum 12120 Power Safe Receiver

● 2 x 7.4v Batteries 3000 mAh each.

● 140N engine of your choice.

● Demon Cortex Gyro Pro

● Airpower Afterburner Ring – 110mm

● LED Light Controller 4 Channel

Want to take the Go Fly to the next level?


Contact BVM for the Platinum pricing.


What is Go Fly Platinum?



A Few Problems - EZ Fix

No models have crashed!

But, some owners choose to use more power than the recommended 140 Neuton engine, and sometimes hot shot pilots apply excessive "G's". And then, some use the primary former Arch Brace as a "handle" to lift the model. Others just tumbled after a real bad landing. Whatever the cause of fracturing this stress carry through "Arch Brace" is, it is easily made stronger with this option from BVM.

Stock Brace Upgraded Brace

Time to change over - about 15 minutes.

BVM # PA-SR-9003


click on images to enlarge

*Color of tanks and pylons will match the paint scheme of the subject aircraft.

#K9000-40   Complete Ordinance Set - painted   $715.00
(includes - 2-Wing Tanks w/Pylons, 1-Center Tank w/Pylon, 2-AIM-7 Sparrow w/Pylon,
2-AIM-120 AMRAAM w/Pylon, and 2-AIM-9 Sidewinder)

#K9000-42   Sidewinder set (2) - painted    $99.95

Click Here to see the variety of 12" Tall Pilots that BVM has to offer.

Jet-Foam Cradle


Set of Wing & Tail Bags   $255.00


F-16 and Cougar Main Wheels


List of Adhesives/Lubricants:


PRICE $7,999.00
includes freight shipped within the USA

What is Go Fly Gold? 

Custom paint schemes are available for up to a $500.00 artwork, documentation and development fee.

There are many paint scheme options that are not currently on our site.  We are working diligently to update the website with all the existing schemes. Please give us a call if you have a scheme in mind to see if it is already in our archive.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Paint Schemes:


Block 60 Test Pilot School
Homestead Florida Makos 35th Anniversary
Royal Thai Airforce Centennial

Black Panther

Black Wraith

#K9000-27       Tigers

#K9000-XX      Danish

#K9000-XX  Fantasy Belgium

#K9000-XX  2-3 Tone Grey, Black Dragon

#K9000-XX  Ace In The Hole

#K9200-21  Italian Air Force
#K9000-23       Blue Splinter #K9000-31   Aggressor Green (Lizard)
#K9000-20        Dark Falcon

#K9000-14        Texas Retro

#K9000-18        Greek

#K9000-08        Minute Men

#K9000-13        Singapore Knights


#K9000-06        Edwards Chase


#K9000-07        Indiana ANG

#K9000-01        General Dynamics

#K9000-02        Israel

#K9000-03       Sand Soup Spinach

#K9000-05        Alaska


Top View

Bottom View
#K9000-04       Thunderbird

#K9000       Grey 2-3 Tone

* Choose your tail markings, complex markings are extra

#K9000-09       Texas ANG



Customer Hotshots
click on images to enlarge

Hudson Carlton from Liberty Hill, Texas is all smiles with his new BVM F-16 1:6 scale in the Tiger Strike scheme.

In his words, "Success!"


Bomber field


 Just wanted to let you all know we had a fantastic day at Bomber field on Monday, February 27th. After the maiden flights of both jets, Wally Warren successfully received his turbine waiver with his BVM F-15. George Harpole also put multiple successful flights on his F-16.

Both jets are powered with Swiwin 190 turbines.

Thank you all!

Joseph Kouzez


Thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I am Proud to Fly BVM.

Flyin Ryan Robertson.

Ryan and Bob Violett at Kentucky Jets 2012



  Ken Monblatt and Brian Blois this past weekend. Ken's 1:6 F-16 is powered by a KingTech 210 and guided with Spektrum. Brian's 1:5 F-16 has a SW 300.



From: Ed Martino
Sent: Monday, August 1, 2022 8:27 AM
To: Patty <patty@bvmjets.com>
Subject: 1/6 F-16

Hi Patty

Flew my new F-16 yesterday. Flies fantastic . See the video of maiden flight




Ed Martino



From: Sean Gallagher
Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2022 1:06 AM
To: BVM Office
Subject: 2022 Jets Over Kentucky


Attached are a few photos from Jets Over Kentucky held July 10-17, 2022, where over 120 pilots were registered. Although I was only able to attend 3 days, I was able to log 17 flights between my two F-16s.

The first is my BVM 1:6 scale F-16 powered by a Swiwin 190 and controlled by a Futaba 16SZ and Cortex gyro.

The second is my HSD Jets F-16 in the new General Dynamics scheme powered by a Swiwin 80 and controlled by a Futaba 16SZ and Cortex Pro gyro using S.BUS.

Yes, I do like F-16s. :-)

Until next event,

Sean Gallagher


Joshua Bybee from Aurora, CO with his BVM F-16 1:6 scale is very happy after his test flight this past weekend.




Hello all,

Finally got the bird back into the air today for a good re-maiden flight!  Handled really well, just need a few radio tweaks to match it to my flying style.  The landing wasn’t a perfect 10 but was probably every bit of a 9 and right down the centerline.  Really looking forward to more nice days and more great flights!

Flown at Arvada Associated Modelers field, Colorado

Tim Kenney



F-16 1:6 Scale Addendums

Airframe Directive (A.D.)
And other helpful notes

Central Control Unit Instructions

New Style Controller introduced July 2015. New Controller instructions available upon request.


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