Jet-Foam Cradle Instructions

F-16 Jet-Foam Cradles

For ease of assembling and transporting your jets


See also: BVM Jet-Foam Cradle Assembly and use Instructions Jet-Foam Cradle Instructions


BVM PNP F-16 1:6 Scale Jet-Foam Cradle  
BVM # K9000-65  
Price $155.00


BVM PNP F-16 1:5 Scale Jet-Foam Cradle  
BVM # K9200-65
   Price $205.00


Additional 12ft lengths of Velcro Strap  
BVM # PA-SR-0079
   Price $24.95


Zap Goo
   BVM # PT12
   Price $4.19


Jet-Foam Cradle Instructions


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