BVM F-16 and Cougar PNP Main Wheels

The F-16 and Cougar share a similar main wheel and tire. The components listed above are common to both.

The filling process is accomplished by air going in through the fill barb, it passes through the O-Ring One-Way Valve and into the tire.

There will be a leak that comes out of the barb if there is any dirt, or a scratch, or lack of O-Ring lube preventing the O-Ring from seating against the small hole in the inner rim.

If there is a leak that is not through the barb, the possibilities are the sealing O-Ring, or the seal that is made when the two wheel halves "pinch" the tire against the inner rim, or an actual hole in the tire itself. These will be easy enough to identify with a small bowl of water etc...


F-16 and Cougar PNP

Main Tire

BVM # K9000S-TI001   Price $30.00 / each



One-Way "Valve" O-Ring

BVM # PS-AA-0062    Price $2.50 / each



Fill Barb

BVM # PA-SR-0126  2/pk    Price $9.00



Sealing O-Ring

BVM # PS-AA-0061    Price $2.50 / each


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