First-In-Flight 2015
20 - 24 May
Wilson, North Carolina

East Coast Jet Flyers Favorite Event!

  Located just a few miles west of Interstate 95 in northern North Carolina, and with a huge runway and wide open space that is all ours for the week, "First In Flight" is a high priority event for many jet enthusiasts. Robert Vess and Larry Lewis are the driving force organizers and directors, and now for the sixth year, made sure that the 120+ pilots enjoyed their sport. Photos and credits are part of BVM's effort to add support. The following is a sampling of that effort and we would like to add to it.  So if we missed you and your BVM/Skymaster jet, help us out. We will update the gallery as appropriate.

Photo Gallery
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  The prestigious "Right Stuff" trophy was awarded to Dave Malchione Jr. Dave flew several BVM and Skymaster jets almost non stop.
Hard to catch this guy sitting still but we did snap this shot of Robert Vess after a flight with his one-of-a-kind "Marine" Ultra Bandit.
Eric Meyers is very pleased with his BVM PNP F-16. Excellent Pilot! That talent also makes his Bandit come alive!

Maryland DCRC Member David Fepelstein has been enjoying this KingCat for several years.
Andy Finizio and the Malchione Clan chose this popular Ultra Bandit scheme, defined as AirShow #1. Both logged many sorties at "First In Flight".
David McQueeney is very pleased with his ThunderBird Ultra. He has a matching Bandit MKII. Sorry we missed the photo of both together.
A great noon time airshow featured these 5 Skymaster F-104G's. BVM has a "Success Pack" that enhances the building, equipping, and flying of this challenging Century Series USAF Interceptor.



Patrick Holowesko is BV's Grand Nephew and is a "natural" jet pilot. He did well flying the Ultra in "Fly Navy" colors in between flights on his personal Bandit ARF.
Robert Rich is a full time student in the mechanical engineering program at the University of Central Florida. Now in his 3rd year, he has a very high point average. He works part time at BVM helping us stay on top of all of the constantly changing electronic systems. His model jet flight training started 10 years ago under the tutelage of Rob Lynch in Fort Lauderdale. At First In Flight he helped us show off the Ultra Bandit and the Cougar PNP.
Jamie Snipes campaigned this BVM F-16 PNP and a Bandit ARF and sent in these photos
The Malchione family does it all
Pete, Dave, Dave Jr. with an 18 year old BVM F-4 Dave with a twin turbine powered Skymaster A-10

A Skymaster F-104G is part of their fleet.

  This EVF ~3~ 12S "9er" powered 63" Sabre ARF can "hang" with the turbines. It really scoots and Dave shows it well.
Anthony DiMaio logged lots of sorties with his Bandit ARF. He applied this paint scheme before BVM made it a standard.
Chris True adapted a very early BVM T-33 to EVF 10S power and it flew quiet well.
Don DeSandre traveled from New York with numerous BVM Jets. This Bandit ARF is a favorite.

Greg Arnette's Fleet


Red & White Cougar is waiting for taxi clearance

This is the 450 flight BVM F-16 PNP. We call it the "Original".


Kirby Smith and Greg discussing maneuvers for the next Cougar sortie. Skymaster Hawk with Greg's guidance.
Always charged, fueled, and ready for flight were these 3 samples of BV's fleet.

Greg and BV sometimes have a friendly competition during events like "First In Flight" trying to out do each other in number of flights per day. It was almost even until Greg got started one morning "Very " early!



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