First-In-Flight 2016
25 - 28 May 2016

  120+ pilots showed up for this annual "Memorial" week of jet flying in Wilson, N.C.. Perfect weather and a huge runway allowed thousands of flights. BVM thanks the Wilson area modelers who volunteered their time to support this event. The start-up area was so busy it was difficult to capture all the BVM pilots and planes, but here are a few to get started.

Photo Credits to John Romero, Kirby Smith, and Bob Violett

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  Greg Arnette offered guest flights on the BVM PNP 1/5th scale F-16. Scott Harris liked it so much, he ordered one.




The F-16 is set-up for a perfect landing.

  The finest example of a custom painted Ultra Bandit is the work of Mike Pasco from the Georgia Jets group. Photos just can't do it justice.
  Jonathan and Johanna Smith from the UK attend many USA events. This AMT powered Ultra Bandit has seen a lot of action over the years.
  The brand new BVM L-39 PNP was first shown at Top Gun 2016. A few more refinements that are included in the production models were air proven at "First in Flight". It got some good attention, especially with the outside loops and outside Cuban 8's. This straight wing jet has great slow flight and landing talents.

  The BVM PNP Cougar was shown well by Kwang from Chantilly, Virginia. Kwang is the owner of Hobby Hangar and has a very loyal customer base because he is so competent and gracious. This VT-23 scheme has been popular.
  One of the best jet pilots you will ever see is Eric Meyers from Greenville, S.C. His wife Helane helped Eric celebrate a birthday at First in Flight.

  Rusty Bardin, another "Ga-Jets" member exercised this custom painted KingCat with JetCat power.
  Greg Arnette likes Cougars of all types. The Skymaster version with KingTech power was seen in the perfect sky at Wilson multiple times.

Greg utilized the BVM "Cougar Success Pack" to augment the Skymaster offering.




 The BVM PNP YAK-130 was also flown multiple times by Greg Arnette.



 Two very similar Ultra Bandits in "Military Livery". Robert Vess flew the "Marine" and Dave Malchione Jr. flew the "Navy".



Steve Stricker demonstrated the capabilities of his Skymaster Phantom in brilliant "Spirit of 76" colors.

  Len McIntosh from Freeport, New York showed this Fly Navy version of the BVM KingCat.
The Malchiones live in Kenneth Square, Pa. and make "First In Flight" an annual family affair.

L-R  Dave Jr. with little Toni, Pete, Laura with Gwen, and Dave Sr.


  Patty calls for Bob on one of several L-39 flights. White scattered clouds are always the perfect background for easy flying/spotting.

More photos as we receive them.



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