Joe Nall '07

Over 600 registered pilots and thousands of spectators enjoyed this annual event. Our sincere thanks to Pat Hartness and his dedicated crew for sharing this beautiful facility.

Though primarily a big bird event, the Joe Nall also serves to showcase other significant modeling accomplishments.

BVM at the Joe Nall
The Fantasy scheme is very popular on the 2.6m Edge such as this example that was flown by Dustin Buescher. DA100 power with Spektrum control.
Chris Mulcahy is very pleased with his Xtreme Edge 540. This blue house scheme is one of 6 choices for this 2.6 meter, 100cc powered model. See for more information.
Here are some of the BVM Jets that launched simultaneously during our 5 minute show time slot. The Artic scheme F-86 is EVF powered the Bandit ARF is pushed well by a JetCat P-60 and BV's 80" Skyblazer utilizes a JetCat P-120 S.E.
Bob Fiorenze helped us show off the Electra Jets with this fine example and sets up for a perfect landing. People like to see this new power system fly from grass fields.

The Spektrum people from Horizon thought that the ultimate expression of confidence in the new 2.4Ghz system would be flying it in an Ultra Bandit with JetCat P-180 power. It worked perfectly at the hands of Chris Huhn, as did dozens of other Spektrums at this, the biggest model flying event in the world.

A few of the people gathered for a group photo.