13 - 14 November 2010
By: Bob Violett

Located in Florida's vast agricultural heartland, is the "Mako RC Jet Club" field that features dual paved runways, a huge covered pavilion amidst a manicured green grass setting.  The inspiration and ownership of this jet friendly field is by Mr. Luis Ontiveros who enjoys sharing his love of our sport in a most generous manner.
   This was BVM's first visit to the Mako facility and we thoroughly enjoyed the flying and camaraderie with our South Florida friends.
   A mix of 4 turbine and 4 EVF jets were transported in the 28ft Featherlite along with all of the support equipment for the BVM and Skymaster airplanes.  We flew them all multiple times during the 2 days of perfect weather.

Thank You Mako's!

Photo Gallery

   The JetCat Titan powered Skymaster F-16 has been flown at many jet events by many guest pilots.  This time it was Pablo's turn, and as usual, Pablo makes a product look good.  This F-16 operates with just 6 channels of control and no mixing.  High alpha maneuvers are most impressive just as with the full size Falcon.
   Our gracious host Luis Ontiveros offers an approving smile after seeing Rob Lynch exercise the new Skymaster Shooting Star with its JetCat P-160SX kerostart engine and JR DSM guidance.
   The Skymaster T-45 Goshawk could qualify as a jet trainer fulfilling its mission as a replica of the current US Navy and Marine Corp Jet Trainer.  It is also JetCat P-160 powered and JR guided.
   BV got one ride on it at Mako, while Rob Lynch flew it multiple times.  Gary Freeman has joined the BVM
on-the-road team and is key to keeping the models ready for flight.
   Here's Pablo again with his JR controlled eBandit with EVF ~2~ 12s power.  Even the hard core turbine guys at Mako were impressed with this machine.  It has no equal in its size and performance category.
   Mark Woodland, Larry Kramer, and Jonathan Smith are avid BVM sport jet enthusiasts.  A mix of JetCentral, JetCat, and AMT (NL) engines powered these craft.  Mark and Jonathan are airline pilots in England and always plan a few weeks of model flying vacation in Florida during November.  The weather at Mako just couldn't have been better, especially for our Brit friends.

   This is the original Electra kit prototype that features servo actuated retracts and now an EVF ~2~ 12s power unit.  It weighs 14-3/4 Lbs (with ThunderPower batteries) with 17+ Lbs of installed thrust.  If you like extreme vertical performance, this combination will test your eye sight.
   Harley's KingCat sports a JetCat P-160SX turned down in power to match the thrust of a P-120 which is perfect for this BVM ARF.

  The Blue/Yellow/Red scheme was brilliant in the sky over Mako.


Rick Chase Senior
Ricky JR
   With their BVM jets on JetCat power, this father and son team enjoy this hobby together.  Ricky is also a star Lacrosse player in high school.
   One of my favorite ways to enjoy this sport now is flying formation routines with eBandits.  The crowd's applause indicated that Pablo and I did OK with these samples of what may be the best plane for this task.  Its size, smoothness, and instant throttle response explains why.
   Horace Smith kept the spectators informed about every jet that got airborne.  He is quite the "Model Jet Historian" and keeps a file of magazine clippings dating back to the origins of Ducted Fan jets.
   Sometimes the photo guy gets too busy flying and we miss a few customer/airplane shots.  I could use some help in this regard so don't by shy about volunteering.

   On this occasion I even missed some promo shots of our new 10s powered Electra and Sabre jet as shown below.