12 O'Clock High

Lakeland, Florida

19 - 21 October, 2017

A scale event for all R/C enthusiasts. Aircraft were civilian or military, vintage to current day and often have some personal connection to the builder and pilot.

Photo Gallery

Greg Arnette flew his new T-45 from a Skymaster kit. He flew it many times and did a great job. Powered by a KingTech 160. He was awarded a Special Recognition Award.
Greg Arnette also brought along his trusty BVM F-16 1:5 PNP. Powered by a KingTech.
"Best Jet" Award
"Critic's Choice Runner Up" Award

Henry Castellanos had the most colorful F-16 1:5 PNP at the event with his Singapore Knights. The mostly red F-16 shows well and was a sure favorite by many. The F-16 1:5 PNP was powered by a KingTech engine.

Herney Serrano did a great job with his Skymaster F-16 1:6. Herney has had this model for a couple of years and enjoys flying it. Power comes from a Jets Munt 200.
Roberto Zelaya  flew in from El Salvador to enjoy his new ThunderBird F-16 1:5 PNP. Franco from House of Power Hobbies did the final assembly for him. Roberto flew many times and is all smiles.
Greg Arnette and Kirby Smith with Greg's Skymaster T-45. They are all smiles after one of many flights.
Tom Telesca really enjoys his Skymaster Viper Jet. Tom flew many times and does a great job flying it. It is powered by a JetCat 180.
Alex Gonzalez and John Rosier flew their F-16 1:6 PNP's so much I lost count. These two are super nice guys and love to fly. Great Job guys.
Mark Edwards BVM F-86 AFS flies very well on EVF 10S power. He built and painted this model himself and a did a great job on it.

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