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Here is a photo of a post maiden flight of my new BVM/Tomahawk PC-21, this specific model was ordered by a customer through BVM, he sold it to Aeropanda brand new and I bought it and did the maiden flight in a single day! All successful. The plane is beautiful inside out.

Roberto Zelaya




I had a wonderful day at Markham Park, Florida with five awesome flights. Flying my wonderful 2.5m Tomahawk Futura Sport Jet distributed by BVM Jets in the USA!

I always love the Pro support from the friendly BVM Staff!

Chris Jackson




I wanted to share a picture of the new Tomahawk Integral that I have just completed. Took it outside to start the turbine and ready it for the maiden. The colors just pop in the sunshine and can't wait to get this bird in the air. Thank you BVM for offering the Tomahawk line. I have powered the Integral with a Jetsmunt 210 and guidance is a Spektrum iX20 with a Cortex Pro gyro.


Bruce Pennington
Bismarck, North Dakota





Hi Patty and Heather,

I want to share some photos of my Tomahawk F-86 PNP. The Sabre was an absolute dream to fly! It has amazing presence in the air and the landings look really scale. Thank you for bringing another great PNP plane to market.

Dantley Davis





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