BVM E-Brake V-2

Proportional Control - No air supply system required

Updated System

Spektrum has a new servo available that is very good for the E-Brake system.  It is called "A6265".

BVM has adapted one part and the instructions in the E-Brake V-2 system to accommodate this new servo.  We increased the width of the servo pocket in the Carbon Fiber plate .020".


The Version 2 of the BVM E-Brake will operate all BVM "O" Ring Brakes and many Skymaster / Xtreme wheel brake systems.  It provides complete proportional control and does not require any air storage tanks or associated valves, filler fittings, etc.  It will fit into your model in the same space / volume as dose a medium size air storage tank.

The Version 2 offers 15 - 20 P.S.I. increase in braking power over the original E-Brake because of an improved design BVM Carbon Fiber Servo Arm and some fine adjustments in the set-up process.

65 P.S.I. braking power is available.

Some assembly is required.

E-Brake V-2  BVM # PA-SR-0057  Price $85.00

The recommended actuating servo is the Spektrum A6265

* Original E-Brakes can be upgraded to the Version -2 with these parts and instruction booklet

BVM # PA-SR-0058 Price $15.00

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