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Hi-Flow Fuel System

by BVM


BVM is always interested in the future of jet model airplanes and how to make our current products even better.

The fuel supply system for larger turbine powered models is our  latest area of this "improved" interest.  While our current system has been working well for several years, it has been noticed that it can be sensitive to installation error and certain engine fuel pump irregularities.

Thus the BVM Hi-Flow Fuel System

Every component, from the Brass Clunks in the tanks to the fittings on the U.A.T. have been made larger. This includes: elbows, tubing, "T's", over flow fittings; as we stated, "Everything"!


A side-by-side bench test of our standard system against the new Hi-Flow system, demonstrated 1/3rd of the fuel flow resistance.

Note: Subject model was a BVM Ultra Bandit with the 6.2 liter fuel tanks and a JetCat P-200.

Note: System demand was measured by applying a vacuum gage to the fill fitting on the U.A.T.


With this whopping extra margin of "eased" fuel flow, the system can now even tolerate bits of junk like filings, or dirt in the fuel tanks, without impeding engine operation. The engine fuel pump power demands are reduced, adding service life to this critical item. There will be no combination of throttle movement vs. aerobatic maneuver that can exceed the Hi-Flow system's supply capability.

What Engines Need The Hi-Flow System?

Certainly, turbine engines in the 180 class (40+ Lbs) of thrust or larger will benefit from the Hi-Flow system.

Flight Tested

Like all BVM Jets products, the Hi-Flow Fuel System has been thoroughly flight tested.


Hi-Flow Testimonial  08/01/2014

David Soufer called to tell us how much he likes his Ultra Bandit "Hi-Flow Conversion".

 David is using a JetCat P300 engine (turned down and with the speed limiter set to 200 mph) and reports measurable lower voltage demand on the fuel pump.  David logged 4 flights on the system on his first outing and confirms that what BVM says about the "Hi-Flow Conversion" is absolutely true. He says that even the fueling and defueling process proceeds very quickly without any strain on the system.  David enjoys a new confidence in this totally bubble free BVM "Hi-Flow" system.

Hi-Flow Fuel System

4 Ways It Can Be Applied

All New (Larger) Components for an Ultra Bandit produced after June 2014
Yields a 67% reduction in fuel flow resistance. Manual Included (# I-K7330A-02).
  4.8 Liter System                        BVM # K7300-34       PRICE $525.00

  6.2 Liter System                        BVM #K7300-32       PRICE $600.00



An Upgrade Package to replace the Ultra Bandit Standard System with all new Hi-Flow components if your Kevlar tanks have not been assembled.
Applies to 4.8L or 6.2L Tanks and yields a 67% reduction in fuel flow resistance.
Manual Included (# I-K7330A-02).

4.8 Liter System                        BVM # K7330A-34       PRICE $325.00


6.2 Liter System                        BVM #K7330A-32       PRICE $325.00

A Conversion Package for an "in-service" Ultra Bandit
Yields a 52% reduction in fuel flow resistance

Includes: New Header Tank with 8mm fittings inside and out. (2) 8mm exit fittings for the front of the 2 existing main Kevlar tanks (4.8L or 6.2L), Hi-Flow UAT with 8mm tubing and reducer for fuel pump "in" line, and 8ft of 8mm Tygon tubing. Manual Included (# I-K7330A-02).


BVM # K7330A-02       PRICE $330.00



Hi-Flow Components to create your own custom fuel system.

See "How To Order" below for all of the available components.

Note:  The BVM instruction manual that illustrates an Ultra Bandit Hi-Flow Fuel System can be used to apply various components to the 4 options described above.

   Hi-Flow System Diagram, Kevlar Tank Fitting Drawing


How to Order

Part #   Description Price
TA-SR-1001 Hi-Flow UAT with line reducer, 8mm tubing, 6mm tubing, fill plug $84.95

    Hi-Flow Fuel System for Ultra Bandit

includes: Hi-Flow UAT with all fittings and tubing

4.8 Liter System

6.2 Liter System


TA-SR-1003 Hi-Flow Tank Hardware Set with tubing outfits one tank.



TA-SR-1004 Hi-Flow Kevlar Tank Fitting

individual part

click here for Kevlar Tank Fitting Drawing


TA-SR-1005 Hi-Flow Vent (for Header)

individual part


TA-SR-1006 Hi-Flow Clunk

individual part


TA-SR-1007 Hi-Flow Reducer, 8mm-6mm

For adapting Hi-Flow UAT to pump


TA-SR-1002 Hi-Flow Over Flow Fitting - for bottom of model $7.50


TA-SR-1008 Hi-Flow T-Fitting $7.50

TA-SR-1009   Hi-Flow Y-Fitting $7.50

TA-SR-1010  Hi-Flow Tygon Yellow Tubing, 8ft $29.95

TA-SR-1011  Hi-Flow Clear Tubing,1ft

for Hi-Flow UAT to pump



Hi-Flow Clunk Line, 2ft

for inside tanks



Hi-Flow Over Flow Tank

Ready to use, for fueling and start up





Hi-Flow Aluminum Tank Cap System $25.95


Auxiliary Header Tank 16oz $5.95


Hi-Flow 3 Way Fuel Fitting $5.50

The standard BVM Remove Before Flight Fuel Vent Plug (BVM # PA-SR-0043) is easily adapted to the Hi-Flow Overflow Vent with a short piece of 8mm Tygon tubing cut from the 8ft piece provided.


Fuel Vent Plug $8.75





* A typical BVM illustrated manual (# I-K7330A-02) is available on request when purchasing individual components.




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