Pennbags are made by Penn Hobbies. Penn Hobbies is a family owned and operated company that has been making wing and tail bags for their personal use for many years. They are now sharing them with the RC world. Their bags are made with a tough canvas on the outside and a soft fleece inside offering great protection for your jet. Wing bags come with handles attached. Each bag is hand made in their Bismarck, ND facility. Penn Hobbies are proud to say they are made in the USA.

Penn Hobbies have come up with three different price categories for the GFG series of airplanes to make things a little simpler.
Medium, Large and X-Large.



Medium Medium Set of Wing & Tail Bags

1:5.8 Cougar
1:4.85 Yak 130
Bandit evo
1:9 Viper
1:7 Sabre


Large Large Set of Wing & Tail Bags

1.7:75 F-18
Ultra Bandit
1:6 F-16
1:5.8 Sabre


X-Large X-Large Set of Wing & Tail Bags

1:5 F-16
1:5.5 F-18
1:4 Yak 130








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