Upgrade Springs

For use on Jets


BVM offers an upgrade on factory stock springs for the Jets that provide more support on grass fields and hard landings, as well as a fully loaded aircraft with Ordinance setup.

NOTE: BVM offers Red Damping Strut Grease (#PA-SR-0138) and Clear Damping Strut Grease (#PA-SR-0125)  to assist in re-lubricating the springs. Some models comes with Red Grease and some come with Clear Grease.


PA-SR-9211 F-16 1:5 Nose Spring Upgrade $2.49

PA-SR-9208 F-16 1:5 Main Spring Upgrade $19.99

PA-SR-9011 F-16 1:6 Nose Spring Upgrade $8.99

PA-SR-9010 F-16 1:6 Main Spring Upgrade $12.99

PA-SR-3301 F-18 7.75 Main Gear Spring Upgrade $12.99

PA-SR-9501 F-18C 5.5 Main Gear Strut Upgrade $12.99

PA-SR-6501 Renegade Strut Spring Upgrade

Nose and Main Struts


PA-SR-7104 Ultra Bandit evo Nose Strut Spring Upgrade $9.99

PA-SR-0132 Bandit evo, small Viper Jet Nose Strut Spring Upgrade $9.99

PA-SR-0138 Red Damping Strut Grease 10cc $4.95

PA-SR-0125 Clear Damping Strut Grease 10cc $4.95







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