Velcro and Hook n' Loop

Combo Package

by BVM

For all of your component installation requirements such as: batteries, receiver, gyro safety strap,
fuel tanks, U.A.T., etc.

"All In One Package"

BVM # PA-SR-0081

Price  $49.95      

Each product is also available separately.

Velcro / Orange

1/2" X 30" (2)

# PA-SR-0086

Price $7.45




Velcro / White

adhesive back

2" X 6" (2)

# PA-SR-0083

Price $7.50

  This Hook n' Loop product has a very aggressive adhesive backing and very aggressive Hook n' Loop gripping power. Cut to size with sharp scissors. Apply the prickly side to a smooth Zap or painted surface and the fuzzy side to a battery or receiver.


Velcro Strap / Black

3/4" X 24" (2)

# PA-SR-0085

Price $9.25


Can be used to reinforce the adhesive product (above) to add a firm retaining strap to hold batteries etc.



Velcro Strap / Black

3/8" X 24" (2)

# PA-SR-0084

Price $5.10

  This light duty Velcro strap is shown here retaining a pilot figure. It conveniently hand separates (without scissors) in 6" lengths. You will find many other uses for it when gearing-up your model.


Velcro / Black

adhesive back

3/4" X 36"

# PA-SR-0082

Price $13.50

 Very convenient to mount EVF power batteries. Works similar to the white adhesive product #PA-SR-0083 but is sometimes more convenient to cut, peel, and stick.


Velcro Strap / Black

1-1/2" X 32"

# PA-SR-0087

Price $8.50

Hook on one side, Loop on the other; this heavy duty strapping can be used to hold heavy batteries in the model.  It can also serve to hold the models in a van or on a trailer shelf.

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