E-Conversion of BVM Retracts

  It is possible to convert BVM, Air Purple retract units to all electric operation.  Basically, the pneumatic cylinders are replaced with electric motors and worm gear drives.  As simple as this might seem, this change out must be done at BVM because there are necessary machine operations to some of the retract's internal parts, and there are some special fittings employed.  BVM then performs operational quality control tests on the converted units and ships them back to you with the Xicoy Controller, System Analyzer, and an instruction manual.
  BVM also has instruction manuals specific to installing the E-Purple retracts and doors into most of our current airframes.

Electric Retracts Flight Operation Procedures

The cost of converting any of the below undamaged BVM Retracts from pneumatic to all electric is
$650.00 per set of 3.

Electric Conversion Pricing


E-Purple Conversion $650.00


E-Purple Conversion $650.00


* BVM Policy states that all gear must be returned to BVM for conversion and testing.



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