Gloss Finish Restoration Kit

Also great for restoring Clear Canopies.

The effects of sun exposure and time on painted composite airframe structures can deteriorate the original glossy finish.  To restore the original luster, very, very fine wet sanding with the proper #3000 and #5000 grit pads and then buffing with a very fine grit polishing compound will accomplish the task.

  At BVM, we like to use the latest products from the 3M company.  You can purchase these items in bulk quantity (more than you need) from an auto paint supply store.  At some considerable extra expense, you can also purchase electric or pneumatic dual or single action tools to ease the hand work.  However, the same results can be achieved with these hand held pads, polishing compound and soft cotton rags and some elbow grease. The power tools require user experience to avoid cutting through the color paint.


This two year old Parade scheme MiG-15 has had lots of UV exposure sitting on the tarmac at several jet meets.  It could use a bit of TLC to refresh its upper surfaces.


         Use a spray glass cleaner and soft paper towels to remove dust and grit.

        A few drops of mild detergent in water provides the lubricant and flush required to use the #3000 and #5000 grit 3M pads.


         Use a circular and random action first with the wet #3000 grit pad.  Dry the surface occasionally to check your progress.  The surface should be dull and most of the glass cloth weave should be flattened out.


        Next, use the same technique with the #5000 grit pad. Wipe dry again and the surface should have a slight sheen. Working with natural light is best.


         Apply the polishing compound sparingly, then begin the hand buffing.  Keep the area slightly wet until the final wipe and buff.  The surface should be returned to its original gloss, perhaps even better.
         Most of us have some auto cleaner / wax  in the shop.  Apply a coat per instructions on the container for an even brighter, more lustrous finish.

Because  the model finish has experienced the shrinking effect of multiple sun exposures, this new restoration effort should last a long time.

BVM # PA-SR-0063     Price $48.50

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