EVF Fan Units

   Warranty is applicable to first owner only and for a period of 2 years from date of purchase as recorded at BVM.  If unit is purchased from a dealer, send serial number and point of purchase to BVM.

NOTE: There is no warranty for a 16S system.

Items Covered Under Warranty:

  Parts as listed here and labor to repair/replace

  Electric Motor - all components
  Fan Blades, Spinner, Shroud, Stator Fins, Aft Center Body, and Rotor retention hardware
  Return shipping expenses
  Castle Creation - HV 160 E.S.C. * 1 year per Castle Creations warranty

Items Not Covered:

  Deans Connector

Warranty Void If:

  Crash damage, drop damage, paint on rotor blades, operated with batteries not recommended by BVM or improper cell count, reverse polarity connection, foreign object injested, installed in airframe with improper inlet design, or water damage.  The EVF's must be operated according to the manual supplied by BVM.

Any change or modification to the BVM EVF will necessarily void this warranty.


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