LiPo Battery Break-In
for BVM EVF Power Packs

  It's a concept that may be difficult to accept because we can not observe the chemical exchange taking place inside each cell. But, it has been established in practice, that properly exercising LiPo cells during their initial use will contribute to the power output and increased cycle life.

  BVM primarily uses the "Matched Cell" technology provided by ThunderPower of Las Vegas, Nevada. ThunderPower tests and assembles the cells in the USA and welds the power and balance wire connectors at the length designated by BVM. Each battery’s voltage and I.R.’s are double checked at BVM before shipping to you.

  Use only a modern charger that has all of the safety features available and the capability to fully charge, accurate charge, and storage charge the 6600 and 7700 mAh batteries.

Storage Charge

  The batteries are shipped to you at a safe storage charge of 3.85 ± .02 volts per cell. Begin by charging the batteries to 4.2 volts per cell on your charger, then bring them back down to storage charge. This equals a "cycle". Cycle them 3 times before the first flight. A properly throttle managed flight with a BVM EJet and the EVF 10S, 12S or 16S will consume about 80% of the available power in 6-7 minutes.

  Limit the first few flights on a new set of batteries to 5 minutes, thus using less than 70% of the capacity. This gentle break-in procedure, and always returning the batteries to storage charge soon after use, will allow you to get hundreds of cycles and great performance from your ThunderPower batteries.

DO NOT allow batteries to be stored in a hot car.

If batteries are stored cold, warm them to 55+ degrees F before flight.

ALWAYS check pack voltage when you install them into the model for flight. The cells must be within .01 volts per cell to avoid damaging other batteries connected in series.

Example #1: a 4S 2P pack fully charged = 16.80 volts
  additional 4S 2P packs connected in series should be 16.76-16.80 volts
Example #2: a 5S 2P pack fully charged = 21 volts
  additional 5S 2P packs connected in series should be 20.95-21 volts


Read also: The Safety and Warning Instructions that come with ThunderPower batteries.


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For much more information on EVF support equipment and operation.



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