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  The F.A.A. links listed below describe the government's involvement and non involvement with model aircraft.

We talked to a very knowledgeable and super friendly F.A.A. representative who has been working with U.A.V. concerns for many years. His comments are all very positive for the future of the established R/C model airplane enthusiasts. To paraphrase his comments about the F.A.A.'s view regarding our hobby follows.

  • The F.A.A. strongly encourages individuals flying for hobby or recreation to follow A.M.A. Safety Guidelines.

  • Be sure that you are registered with the F.A.A. as most of us did early this year and that registration number is affixed to each model we fly.

  • Be extremely careful to avoid any reckless flying or behavior.  Violations could result in a stiff fine.

  • It is also important to encourage our fellow modelers that now, more than ever, responsible behavior and safe practices are necessary.

Other than these guidelines, basic common sense applies. The F.A.A. does not want to interfere with our hobby and sport.


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