Especially Now
by Bob Violett

   There are still a few renegade individuals who fly jet model airplanes beyond the AMA "Turbine Waiver" speed limit of 200 mph.  They further violate the AMA Safety Code by flying too close to the flight line at high speed.  I say "Especially Now" because the impending N.P.R.M. (due out in February 2012) can still be affected by this kind of irresponsible conduct, or, we can present a more positive image.

   Contest Directors and Leader Members please read Letter to Turbine CD's and In Defense of Our Sport

   If you want to be proactive in helping to preserve our hobby as we have known and enjoyed it, simply deny these "renegades" the use of your AMA Chartered flying facility and their attendance at AMA sanctioned events.  It will tune them up in a hurry.
   This method of "self governing" has been proven to work by Jerry Caudle, C.D. of Superman Jets about 12 years ago.  The individual that Jerry "tuned-up" by denying participation, soon became very safety conscious and a good ambassador for our hobby.  We need to demonstrate to the FAA that we can self govern.

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