Fill Valve – Alternate Method

  There are two ways to attach a pneumatic pressurizing source (air pump) to your models air storage tank (s) through the BVM Air Fill Valve.

Air Fill Valve
BVM # 5758

Air Fill Chuck
BVM # 2192

  The original method is to use the BVM “Air Fill Chuck” that is safety wire retained to an air pump as shown here.  You must thread the knurled end of the chuck onto the Air Fill Valve in the model.  Note that the safety wire wrap is covered with electrical tape.



  An alternate and faster method to inject air into the model’s storage tank (s) is to use a 2nd Air Fill Valve (BVM#5758) (threaded into and stays with the Air Fill Chuck) with a piece of BVM Heavy Duty Air Line (a 3-5” piece) fitted to the Air Fill Valve on the pump side. 


  Use a razor to put a slight angle on the open end of the airline to help guide it into the Air Fill Valve in your model.  Because of the slight variations of the tubing O.D. and the Air Fill Valve I.D., the tubing may be a loose fit.



  To adjust the O.D. end of the tubing, push it onto a 2mm diameter steel shaft such as this Wiha 261 x 40 Phillips Driver, then heat it with a heat gun. 


After it cools the tubing should fit snugly into the model’s Air Fill Valve.  Our tests showed that the “perfect fit” withstood warm and cool ambient temperatures.