Refreshing Moving Parts with BVM "Dry Lube" 

  Air Fill Valve - Air Fill Chuck 

  Touch-Up Paint 

  3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner 

  PNP Wheel Bearing Lubrication 

  Parts Ordering Tips 

  Glue Cartridges Dispensing Precautions 

  Electronic Components Upgrades and Changes

  Cold Weather and Epoxy Glues 

  BVM Touch-Up Paint Instructions and Techniques Updated 

  F.A.A. sUAS Certificate of

  Fuel System Guidelines 

  Engine - Out - Save The Model Recovery Procedures  

  Securing Battery Balance Tabs  

  Electric Retracts Flight Operation Procedures 

  Wing Tip "Skidz" for the BVM PNP Cougar and similar models 

  Speed Sense & Common Sense 

  "Dry Lube" Also Guards Against Rust 

  Things Still Come Loose 

  A Note about Landing Gear

  BVM C/F "C" Channel 

  Center of Gravity Locations

  New Instructions for EVF Mylar Thrust Tubes

  Installing #0-80 bolts in BVM Jet

  DX18 Programming Basics and Crow 

  Nose Cone - Anti-Glare Strips - Wing Walks

  Wing Stress Cracks

  How to deal with "Bumpy Air" 

  Air Speed Limits

  Fill Valve- Alternate Method 

  Applying BVM Airline Tubing  

  Grinding Out Old Glue 

  Fun or Fire 

  Air Speed Limits 

  "Nose Job" for a bruised Bandit ARF

  Perma-Grit Rotary Tools 

  Pilot Proficiency Training

             Aeropoxy, Vpoxy, and QT Poxy

  O-Rings - Age - Lubricants

  Pneumatic In-Line Connector

  The Landing

  Refreshing Perma-Grit Tools

  Pneumatic System Don'ts

  In Defence of Our Sport

  Test Pilots

  U.A.T. Tune Up

  The Jet Take-Off

  JR 12x Datasafe Files

  Aluminum Servo Arm Procedure

  F.O.D. screens in a BVM bypass

  Filling your JetCat propane system

  Electra / Sabre jet wood wing

  Smooth Stop 2 Hint

  Control Surface Flex Hinge Tune-Up

  Kevlar Fuel Cell Reinforcement

  Pre-Flight Check List

  Reliable Retracts

  Springtime Tune-up

  Flying Tips

  Binding Control linkages problematic for digital servos

  Retract System Troubleshooting

  Fuel System Function Check

  High Voltage Power Lines - avoid flying close to them

  JR Matchbox Expands channel capability

  Smooth Stop O-ring change

  Yaw Stability Augmentation

  Manual fuel shut-off valve required

  General Tips 12/12/01


















LED Lights MAXIMUM VOLTAGE when testing is 3.7 Volts.

Afterburner Ring testing voltage is 7.4 Volts.


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