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BVM Cougar 1:5.8 Scale


PRICE $7,499.00
includes freight shipped within the USA

Includes NEW BVM branded Servos

What is Go Fly Gold? 

  BVM is pleased to announce the release of our 1:5.8 scale F9F Cougar.  The US debut at Jets Over Kentucky 2014 was the first chance for BVM customers to witness the Cougar in action. Since July, the BVM team has been extensively flight testing our 2nd and 3rd prototypes. They reflect all of the efforts and experience BVM is known for.  This flight testing has been conducted using three different engine manufacture's 100N engines. 

  The Cougar is equipped with pneumatic gear doors and landing gear, and features BVM "O" Ring Brakes.  The air system comes to you 100% installed and ready to use. The difficult work has been expertly completed for you; all that is required to complete your Cougar is a receiver, pilot, UAT, engine, batteries, and 8-10 hours of your time.

 The servo's are the same high quality brushless, digital, high-voltage, metal geared servos that have been in service with our popular F-16.

  The Cougar features many scale highlights such as sequencing gear doors, servo driven speed boards, and body flaps.  To finish off the visual appeal, a high intensity light system and a smoke system also come installed.

  The traditional BVM instruction manual guarantees your success with this 1950's and 60's Navy/Marine swept wing Fighter/Attack Jet.


Length: 84”

Wing Span: 72"

Weight: 26lbs-27lbs Dry

Thrust: 100N Class (20-22lbs)


Special Features Installed

  • Central Control Unit (CCU)

  • Landing Gear w/Trailing Link Struts and Air System

  • Digital High Voltage Metal Gear Train

  • Servo Extensions and Linkage Rods

  • Navigation & Landing Lights

  • Fuel System

  • Doublewall Stainless Steel Thrust Tube

  • BVM Air Fill Valve

  • Air Tanks

  • Wheels and Brakes

  • Gear Valve

  • Brake Valve

  • Smoke Tank

  • Smoke Pump

  • BVM Air Gauge

  • Cockpit Deck

  • Painted In Your Choice of Available Schemes - Custom Schemes Available

  • BVM Manual

BVM Servos Now Installed in   Models

BVM servos (32kg) are now installed in our Cougar model.

The NEW BVM Servos offer a higher resolution than the previously installed servo's.

The 32kg are HV, Digital, and Brushless.

Made by a well known manufacture in Taiwan.

Only available with a model purchase. Not available for individual sale.

  BLS 320 Specifications:
Torque @ 7.4v - 32.0kg/444.4oz-in
Speed @ 7.4v - 0.12 sec/60 deg
Refresh Rate: 333Hz
Motor Type: Brushless
Resolution (4096)

Controls QTY Servo Type
Steering 1 32kg
Aileron 2 32kg
Flap 2 32kg
Rudder 1 32kg
Elevator 1 32kg
Air Brake 3 32kg


Cougar In-Action


AFT view #3 prototype
paint scheme #K7000-01
FWD view #3 prototype
paint scheme #K7000-01
#3 and #2 prototype Cougars

The Cougar and Grass fields

  It is important to BVM that all of our jets are grass field capable because most R/C Club fields are in fact, grass strips. The Sanford, Florida club field is "jet friendly", so the grass is maintained accordingly.  This was no easy task this year because of an unusually wet Fall season.
  This mid December weekend and a "Toy's for Tot's" event sponsored by the Sanford Aeromodelers provided an excellent opportunity to fly the JetCat P-100RX powered BVM PNP F9 Cougar. It was airborne with a 300ft take-off run on each of the 3 flights logged.
  All Cougar landings are a breeze, especially when equipped with the latest gyro system (Cortex 3-Axis), and, as designed, the landing gear can handle the extra stress of grass field operations.  It is reasonable however, to expect that grass operations require more cleaning and occasional maintenance for the entire undercarriage system including the doors and linkages.

F9F Cougar
Scale ● Aerobatic ●Trainer

  Some Cougar customers have bragged about how easy their BVM F-9F is to fly at their club field. Rodney Wilkinson from Wasilla, Alaska is one such happy jet pilot. He called just to tell us about how his buddies have some so called “Jet Trainers” and after watching Rodney fly, they were impressed with the BVM Cougar fulfilling that role.
  As for its aerobatic capabilities, the BVM Demo Pilots demonstrate them at the jet events. BV actually performed outside loops and inverted reverse Cuban Eights at Top Gun 2015 (Top Gun). The judges were impressed for sure.
  So, is it really possible to have scale looks, aerobatic performance, and easy trainer-like flying capabilities? Those who own and fly the Cougar think so, and prove it at the flying field every weekend.

Rodney, Cougar, and a terrific grass strip in Alaska.

Here’s Rodney in his own words.

From: Rod Wilkinson 
Date: Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 8:08 AM
Subject: Alaskan Cougar
To: Patty

Good morning Patty,

Attached please find the photo of my recently purchased F9F Cougar from BVM.  This has been a great plane for getting into turbine powered models.

It flies as Bob said it would, very smoothly and lands effortlessly.  Even my jet instructor has commented on how nice it flies compared to other "trainer" jets that are not scale.  Thanks to you, Bob and the BVM staff for helping me to get into this great area of the RC hobby!

Rod Wilkinson

Wasilla,  Alaska



"Point Mugu" scheme
# K7000-03

The BVM Cougar has been a popular product for Go Fly enthusiasts. The convenient size allows handling and transport by one person. BV has flown it and placed well at Top Gun and at many jet events.  This "Point Mugu" scheme is especially Hi-Viz and definitely will attract attention.

Available now at BVM

Scale and Convenience Details
(click on photos to enlarge)

The twist and pull forward Nose Cone gives access for fueling, batteries and charging, air system fill, and controls.

Start your engine, apply the Nose Cone, and taxi out.


Canopy and cockpit remove with one latch giving quick and easy access to receiver, Gyro, light controller, ECU, Fuel Pump, UAT, and Smoke Pump


Landing Gear Doors and Speed Brakes


Engine Hatch

A Personal Size Scale Jet
easy to load-up and go flying

 The Cougar's wings remove and install with just (2) screws and (2) servo wire connections each.  This allows easy transport in the back of a van or Suburban type vehicle. At a total weight of 26 Lbs. (less fuel) it can truly be handled by one person. We call that a "Personal Size Jet".


Items Needed To Complete:
Available from BVM

(2) BVM # VU-7304EXB-EC3 - HiCurrent EXB 3000 mAh w/EC3

(1) BVM # 6044 - BVM Ultimate Air Trap

(1)  BVM # VJ-SPMAR12120 - SPMAR12120 Receiver

(1) BVM # VJ-SPMXP8000 - X-Plus 8 Expansion Module

(2)  BVM # VJ-EFLAEC311 - 6" EC3 Extensions


Want to take the Go Fly to the next level?


Contact BVM for the Platinum pricing.


What is Go Fly Platinum?



Set of Wing & Tail Bags  $240.00



Pulse Ultra Batteries

Engine Choices

  JetCat P-100RX   

 KingTech K-100G   

Optional Gyro

#V-DA-BD-CORTEXPRO   Bavarian Demon Cortex Pro   

Pilot Figure

The best pilot figure for the BVM F9-F Cougar is a Warbird product that is 10" Tall.  It is necessary to remove his boots and shorten the legs to clear some of the components (UAT, etc.) in the front of the model.

  You can secure the pilot to the cockpit tub with a 10" tie wrap around his hips and waist.

Click Here to see the variety of 10" Tall Pilots that BVM has to offer.

Cougar Jet-Foam Cradle

BVM # K7000-65

Price $165.00


BVM Cougar Main Gear CF Mounts

# PA-SR-7002

Price $25.00 / pair

F-16 and Cougar Main Wheels


5 Gal GFG Fuel/Smoke System

# PA-SR-0154




BVM Air Inflator Adaptor

# PA-SR-0153


*This adaptor is not designed to retain pressure*

List of Adhesives/Lubricants:

PRICE $7,499.00
includes freight shipped within the USA

Includes NEW BVM branded Servos

What is Go Fly Gold? 

Custom paint schemes are available for up to a $500.00 artwork, documentation and development fee.

There are many paint scheme options that are not currently on our site.  We are working diligently to update the website with all the existing schemes. Please give us a call if you have a scheme in mind to see if it is already in our archive.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Paint Schemes:


#K7000-07  VT-23  White, Red Orange, Blue

#K7000-08  VT-22  Red Orange, White

#K7000-01   Gloss Sea Blue, Aluminum, White

#K7000-02        VT-26
Red Orange, White

#K7000-03       Orange, Red

#K7000-06       Navy / Marine Reserves

Cougar on display @ Naval Air Museum
Pensacola, Florida.

#K7000-05       Pensacola Display


#K7000-09     VA-26 Gray with Blue/White Trim


Cougar Addendums

Addendum #09302015

Wing Tip "Skidz"
BVM # 2197

For the BVM Cougar and similar models.

Discussion:  As you can see from the photos below the BVM demo Cougar has scratched wing tips. This can occur on landing in a stiff crosswind or failing to come to a complete stop (or almost) before turning the model for taxi back. The BVM product #2197 "Skidz" can be applied as shown below to help prevent this cosmetic insult from happening. See also the instruction sheet that is in the "Skidz" package.

NOTE:  This early prototype Cougar was not equipped with wing tip lights.


□  Locate the inside edge of the slot with tape.
□  Locate the outside edge of the slot, and fore and aft position, with tape and a pencil.

□  Make a 1/8" wide by 3/4" long slot in the wing tip using a 3/32" Carbide Cutter (from package BVM #2142) and a PermaGrit small Flat File. Test fit the Carbon Fiber part in the slot.
□  #80 grit scuff the Carbon Fiber part as shown for best glue adhesion.
□  Use Zap-Goo #PT12 to adhere the Skidz to the wing tip.

NOTE: This rubbery type of glue can be cut away if Skidz replacement is necessary.

BVM # 2197  


Addendum #06172015

Things Still Come Loose

  Turbine engines and electric ducted fan powerplants are dynamically balanced, smooth running machines.  When they are operating properly, you cannot feel any vibration affect on your model. Piston powered operation is quite different of course, and modelers who fly them are used to countering the associated low frequency vibrations.
  So, why do things still come loose on our jets?  Taxing, take-offs, landings, and trailer transporting, all contribute to imparting multiple frequency vibrations to every component that is mechanically fastened to the airframe and landing gear.  The frequency varies with the ground speed, runway texture, wheel diameter, tire durometer, strut shock absorbing capability, and number of operations. The amplitude of these forces is generally low, but the range of frequency is broad.

How To Prevent A Problem

  If you assembled your own model, you will be ahead of most problems. If your model was assembled by any other entity, be it a local builder, or an off-shore source, it would be good practice to check all threaded or clipped fasteners before the first flight. You might even find a missing set screw.  A drop of Pacer Z-42 (similar to blue Loctite) on threaded bolts into metal parts is an excellent practice.  This does not apply to metal fasteners into plastic however.

  To best ensure that a sheet metal screw, wood screw, or threaded bolt will not back out of hardwood, screw it in, then remove it and put a drop of ZAP Thin C.A. into the threaded hole, and then reinsert and tighten the screw. You can add a drop of Zap-A-Gap to the head of the screw as it seats against the part being secured.
  Self tap screws and threaded bolts that are tapped into thermoplastics materials such as BVM's injection molded Carbon Fiber Angle Brackets, usually don't need a lot of attention because of the elastic properties of the thermoplastic.
  Every machine needs periodic maintenance, especially high performance jet aircraft. Active BVM Representatives and customers who log hundreds of flights per year, suggest that jet pilots should perform these checks about every 20-25 flights. It's part of the hobby and kind of fun to fuss over your pride and joy, and it is insurance against a ground or airborne failure.

Trailer Transporting

  When you transport your jet, it is best to rest it "gear up" on a thick foam pad and of course, secure it with straps to the trailer shelf or floor.  This will save a lot of low frequency vibration wear and tear on the landing gear.

  We make it a practice to stop just a few miles after leaving BVM to check that the models are "staying put" after a few bumps and brake applications.

See also BVMJets.com/Jet-Foam Cradles



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