BVM C/F "C" Channel

Proper technique to retain the wings

Discussion: The "C" Channel is injection molded of 30% Carbon Fiber filled nylon. BVM Jets uses this convenient accessory to retain the wings to the fuselage mounted formers on BVM Jets such as the
MiG-15, Bandit MKII, and EBandit. A 6-32 Heli Coil is inserted into one end of the "C" Channel.  When properly installed and operated by the modeler, these parts last the lifetime of the model.


Once the "C" Channel is mounted to the fuse former with (4) 4-40 SHCS, attach the wings to the fuse and hold them in position while snugging the 6-32 set screw just enough to mark (indent) the top edge of the Blade Spar.


Remove the wing, then use a PermaGrit square file to make a 1/8" wide by .040"-.050" deep notch in the top of the blade spar where marked.
  The wing is now properly held from slipping outboard when the screw shank is seated in the notch.  Adjust the notch width as necessary for a good wing-to-fuse mating.

  Now, only a light snugging of the set screw is necessary to safely retain the wings. This system has worked well for 25 years on BVM Jets.



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