Applying BVM Airline Tubing to Plastic or Brass Barbed Fittings
By Bob Violett

This is a good and easy method to apply BVM Airline Tubing to small barbed plastic or brass fittings.

Insert a 2mm diameter tool such as the Wiha #261 Phillips screwdriver (BVM #2155) about 3/8 to 1/2 into the BVM Airline. Warm it up with a heat gun. It should be warm to the touch, but not so hot that it will be uncomfortable to handle.

Apply a bit of saliva to the fitting, pull the tubing off of the tool and quickly push it onto the fitting. Be sure that the tubing passes beyond the raised barb.

If you want to test the validity of this method, after the tubing cools, try to pull it off.

Thin "O" Ring Lube

To help keep all of the O'Rings in a pneumatic system alive, you can inject a few c.c.'s of Thin "O" Ring Lube,    BVM #1945 into the air storage tanks.

This Super Bandit has quick disconnects located for easy access.  For more information and availability of these products, click on the links below.

My 10 year old Super Bandit needed a systems check out before it flies again at Florida Jets. The pneumatic system was still leak free. The BVM Airline Tubing is that good.

See Screwdriver, BVM fittings, BVM Airline, Thin "O"Ring Lube, and Quick Disconnects

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