Glue Cartridges
Dispensing Precautions

  The BVM Aerospace grade glues are terrific products as are the dispensing cartridges.  99.9% of the time, the system works perfectly. After many years and thousands of applications at BVM we found a way that something can go wrong.


To Avoid The Problem

Before you remove the plastic 1/4 counter clockwise twist and pull cap, first mark it as shown with a black ink marking pen.

 This will prevent the possibility of the cap tongue of the white side of the glue from mixing with a bit of the amber side. If the cap is put on wrong, and the cartridge is not used for awhile, there is a possibility that a very small clog could occur and block the free flow of one side of the glue.

The Fix

It's good practice to always dispense a small amount of glue to assure that both the white and amber components are flowing freely.
If there is a clog, use a paperclip to break it free and squeeze the dispenser trigger for another small sample. Apply the nozzle, and see that both white and amber glue is mixing internally.
The small samples can be used if stirred with a mix stick.

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