Air Fill Valve - Air Fill Chuck
2 Methods To Use Them


Air Fill Valve
BVM #5758

Air Fill Chuck
BVM #2192


Method 1

 First you will need a battery powered electric air pump capable of producing about 120 p.s.i. The one shown below is a Sears Craftsman product.
  Remove the device that comes on the output end, and then install the BVM Air Fill Chuck. Add a few wraps of the provided Safety Wire and the Heat Shrink Tubing.

Notice that there is an "O" Ring seal in the fill chuck.

This shows the Fill Chuck threaded onto the Fill Valve. The air source is a pistol grip shape product available where "Craftsman" tools are sold.

This photo shows the Air Fill Valve mounted in the model and the Fill Chuck applied.

Method 2

Use one Air Fill Valve tightly threaded into the Fill Chuck and attach a short length of 1/8" air line with a slightly beveled end.

If the fit is a bit loose, apply a very thin wipe of C.A. to the end of the 1/8" air line.

This method allows a quicker/easier pneumatic pressurization. Finger hold the tubing into the Fill Valve.


NOTE: Recommended air pressure will vary with model types.



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