The Landing
A Primary Design Consideration

   When it comes to flying a model jet, little else matters if the landing isn't successful.   The Ultra Bandit, the mid size Bandits, the Electra, Bobcat, and Kingcat sport jets share the basic "Easy-to-land" design features.

   Wing loading, airfoil, wash-out, flap size, flap deflection angle, landing gear placement, stab moment, and lateral area balance, must be properly integrated in the design phase.  And, in the case of the basic BVM Bandit and "Cat" designs, it's all there.  The only adjustment we make for extra windy conditions is reducing the landing flap deflection angle 10-15 from the standard full flap configuration.  Knowing that when it's time to land, your piloting tasks will be manageable, you can better enjoy the aerobatic phase of your flight.

   BVM's best pilots are available at jet events and sometimes in Orlando, Fl. to help our customers fine tune their landing technique.