sUAS Certificate of Registration
by: Bob Violett

It is now a requirement that operators of all R/C model airplanes in the USA register with the F.A.A.


Part of that requirement is affixing your certificate 10 character number to your model such that it can be viewed by an inspector without requiring tools to gain access.

Two Examples

The top hatch of an eBandit or Bandit MKII can be removed with a finger operated Hatch Latch. The number is easy to see.


On this BVM 84" Sabre Jet, the number is printed on sticky back Mylar and affixed to the inside of the flap leading edge. First apply a Zap finish to the balsa for best adhesion.  This nifty idea was contributed by Harley Condra.
NOTE:  These sticky back Mylar labels can be made with a simple "Label Making" device available at most office supply outlets.



 Eventually "Common Sense" and the "Established Value" of our sporting model airplanes will surface in all agencies concerned. Model airplanes are not a nuisance or public safety issue when operated as
non-autonomous and line-of-sight, as first established by the A.M.A. decades ago.

  We went through a similar challenge in 2012 and it was resolved by an act of the U.S. Congress that protected model airplanes from governmental regulations. "Common Sense" prevailed then. 


  Frank Tiano has confirmed that the Lakeland Airport Manager has approved the Florida Jets event for 2016. Operations will proceed as scheduled and previously conducted.


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