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70c LiPo Batteries

NOTICE: The latest EVF power batteries from ThunderPower and labeled "Rampage".

  They are slightly more efficient and will absorb more cycles. The same balance boards that are used for the Magna series (CP8S-GP/KO6S-PAR-US) are also used for the "Rampage" series.

    Matched cell systems will run cooler and produce the best power.  Slightly mismatched cell systems will still produce good power but should be monitored a bit more closely for balance between packs.

 ALL Battery Systems sold by BVM feature matched cells. These systems are exclusive to BVM.

Price is subject to change without notice.


To keep the balance tab out of the EVF blades on models with bifurcated inlet ducts, this Velcro system also allows easy release of the balance tabs for charging.

Apply a 2-1/2" strip of adhesive backed prickly Velcro to the battery pack, then use a 2" length of fuzzy Velcro to retain the balance wire/tab.


 T.P. "Magna and Rampage Series" Balance Boards

In early 2015, Thunder Power introduced a new “Magna Series 70C LiPo” battery with a JST-XH balance lead connector to transition to industry standards.

This new connector is different from the balance lead connector previously provided on Thunder Power batteries and requires using a different balance adapter board.

Although the Magna JST-XH connector is a close fit to the original adapter board used with Cellpro products, it is important that customers understand that neither BVM or our distributors can support any warranty claims when the original adapter board, CP8S-TP/PQ6S is used for charging the  “Magna and Rampage Series” batteries.

Guidelines for PowerLab 8 or 6 chargers:

• For Thunder Power G8 Pro Force or earlier batteries:
Use the CP8S-TP/PQ6S-PAR-US adapter board.

• For Thunder Power "Magna and Rampage Series" batteries:
Use the new CP8S-GP/KO6S-PAR-US adapter board.

• Follow all safety instructions when charging batteries


System Pt#   Name/Desc. Price
For EVF Propulsion


10s TP6600-10SR70SD

70C 10cell/10S 37V (2) 5s2p

2pcs 5S Saddle Cells™ (angled) Deans Plug

Recommended for:
10s Electra
10s F-86

Length = 5-1/2"
Height  = 3-1/2"
Width   = 1-3/8"
Weight = 3.96 lbs

12s TP6600-12SR70SD

70c 12cell/12s 44.4v

3pcs 4S Saddle Cells™ (flat), Deans Plug

Recommended for:
12s Electra
12s Sabre/Fury
12s F-16 Conv.

Length = 5-3/4"
Height  = 3-3/8"
Width   = 1-1/4"
Weight = 4.89 lbs

For EVF Propulsion


12s TP7700-12SR70SD

The Ultimate power source for a BVM EVF 3 12s system is available with these 70c 7700 mAh 4s 2p packs.  Mount two just aft of the EVF and one just forward.  Position the receiver battery for final Center of Gravity adjustment.

Recommended for:
eBandit, MiG-15, F-80, and T-33
Length = 5-3/4"
Height  = 3-1/2"
Width   = 1-1/4"
Weight = 5-1/2 lbs





  7700mAh 16-Cell/12S 44.4V Rampage 70C LIPO
4 PCS 4S Saddles Cells (Flat), Deans


# V-FM-CP8SGPKO6S-PAR-US Cellpro PL-GP Safe Parallel

For 2015-Current  ThunderPower Batteries



Magnum-ION and LiPo
Receiver Power Batteries
click on images to enlarge
1500mAh VU-7152EXB-EC3 Duralite Li Ion High Current *EXB 1500mAh 7.4V

High Current power output lead 12", 14ga wire & EC3 connector

*EXB = external balance


3000mAh VU-7304EXB-EC3 Duralite Li Ion High Current *EXB 3000mAh 7.4V

High Current power output lead 12", 14ga wire & EC3 connector

*EXB = external balance


4500mAh VU-7456EXB-HC-EC3 Duralite EXB Magnum-ion  4500mAh $87.95

2000mAh VJ-SPMB2000LP Spektrum LiPo Receiver Pack 2000mAh $69.99

4000mAh VJ-SPMB4000LP Spektrum LiPo Receiver Pack 4000mAh $129.99

JR Transmitter Upgrade
V-BA-12xeneloopCORE Sanyo eneloop

9.6v 2000mAh NiMH-JR 12X


PM-SR-0002 Adhesive Velcro 3 ft

3/4 X 36' for mounting batteries


Please see LiPo Storage Article

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