Power Battery Installation
using (3) 4s packs
6600 mAh or 7700 mAh cells


     The Electra with EVF 12S power can carry (3) 4S packs as shown here.  Once all of the batteries are installed and the C.G. is established, mark the location of each battery on the adjacent fuse flange to ensure that each time the batteries are installed for flight, the C.G. will be correct.




  One 4s pack is located between the inlet ducts.  Tape the balance wires to the end of the pack to prevent it from being sucked into the fan.

   Apply a piece of adhesive backed Velcro to the fuse bottom as shown.  Apply matching Velcro to bottom edge of a 4s pack.


   Feed the Deans connector end of the 10 gauge wire between the ducts and install the 4s pack as shown.


   A block of foam rubber between the battery and the receiver shelf further secures this pack.


   The other (2) 4s packs rest on the Electra's battery shelves this far aft for C.G. purposes and are retained with adhesive backed Velcro.  Series connection of the 3 packs to the EVF is accomplished with a Power Plug 3.
   The receiver battery is located next to the EVF for C.G. purposes.

   Test fit the power hatch and arrange wires as necessary.

   Note:  For extreme high negative G maneuvers (outside snaps) apply 1" bits of plastic tape to further secure that hatch in area of batteries.


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