A manual fuel shut-off valve
is required for safe operations

This valve should be closed at all times except during normal engine operation. It is especially important to close it prior to fueling the model.
The manual shut-off valve should be located such that it is easily reached and closed if a start sequence goes awry.
If you suspect that the engine has excess fuel in it prior to a start, purge the engine as necessary, then begin the next start sequence with the valve closed. If all is going well during the start, open the valve slowly.
Make it a habit to close the valve at the end of the engine shutdown procedure. BVM #5315

Fuel drain holes
for fire prevention

It is a good safety practice to drill a series of 1/16" holes in the bottom of the fuse (or wings) wherever fuel spills or leaks from fuel tanks might accumulate.
Additionally drill a few 1/16" holes in the bottom of the engine bypass duct. A wet spot under your model may alert you to a leaking tank or an overfill condition. More importantly, eliminating any puddling of fuel in the model will reduce the risk of a serious fire during a bungled start-up.

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