To All Jet Modelers
16 August 2000

Many of you probably tune in to the R/C Jet Digest and may be concerned about recent postings of excerpts from a letter I sent to companies involved in the manufacturing of model jet products.
Evidently, one of the recipients of the letter does not consider himself a manufacturer and therefore sent copies to his friends (who are active on the list) in an attempt to stir up controversy and derail a well-intentioned effort.
I think that the "Jet Digest" is great; I monitor it because a manufacturer needs to keep in touch and there are some very talented people contributing to it. However, I think it is meant for the hobbiest, so you won't see BVM use it to influence or sell our products. We have this website that serves to inform and promote for BVM.
My letter to the other manufacturers is an effort to see what we could do as a group to improve the safe operation of turbine models. As far as I am concerned the effort would be to make our products safer and to reach out to our respective customers through our website, printed materials etc., to enlighten and encourage safe operations. There is no conspiracy to regulate and force the consumer to buy our products.
If the response (from manufacturers) to my letter is sufficient, there will be a meeting at Superman 2000.
Personally, I don't have the time or desire to get involved in regulation. Running BVM is a full time job and I enjoy flying my jets every weekend. Sharing information with you however, takes just a little time and if it results in preventing some crashes, it is time well spent.
It is my sincere hope that we all can recognize that we are just one serious crash/fire away from big trouble for our hobby and industry. We would be remiss if we did not make an effort to prevent it.
Some have referred to my efforts, as self-serving. Of course I am motivated to protect the value of BVM and the jobs of my employees - they have families to support just like many of you.
Can the nay sayers not see that for them to enjoy their sport, they need financially healthy manufacturers to be able to supply their needs, however small that may be?

Bob Violett

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