Extra Dry Climatic Conditions
command extra precautions

Florida, California and a few other states are experiencing very dry climatic conditions requiring all turbine flyers to exercise extreme care in our operations.

Minimum precautions:

  • Have water fire extinguishers on site (two units have been shown to be very effective). See Safety Issues for info on acquiring this equipment.
  • Have the local Fire Department phone number programmed into your cellular phone.
  • Upon a crash and the first sign of smoke, call the fire department immediately. Have able bodied men get the water extinguishers to the site. Wet the downwind side of the burn first. It is best to have a back up water supply to replenish the 5 gallon containers.

    Hopefully by the time the fire department arrives, the fire is out and you can thank them for their efforts and contribute to their annual charity event. They may want to further wet down the area to prevent a rekindling.

    Should their assistance be required, we will all be glad that you called them. Keeping the problem small and local is certainly in the best interest of all concerned.

The privilege to fly turbine jets
must be accompanied by a
mature acceptance of the added responsibility.

Bob Violett

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