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BVM / Xtreme Jets A-10 for EVF Power

The BVM A-10 EVF was awarded "Best Electric Jet" at
Hamburg Jet Jamboree  October 2013
Best In The West   October 2013

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Phone: (407)327-6333 (Eastern Time, USA)


This large scale twin EVF, all electric jet, is easy to assemble, transport, and fly.

  BVM has cooperated with Skymaster / Xtreme Jets to produce the EVF powered 1:7.75 A-10.  This 89" wing span painted ARF, will appeal to many electric jet enthusiasts because of its size and R/C flying field acceptance. 

  The airframe is fabricated and painted in the Xtreme Jets factory to specific parameters directed by BVM.  The BVM "Success Pack" with its 90 page photo enhanced assembly and operations manual will guide an experienced modeler and R/C pilot to success with this exciting scale replica of the Fairchild Republic Aviation A-10 Warthog.

  This A-10 is powered with (2) EVF ~3~ 12S 9er electric fans that deliver a total of 40 Lbs. of thrust. It wins spectator applause and trophies at all of the jet events.

  Every detail of gluing in a few parts, installing servos and linkages, wire harnesses, electric retracts, electric operating wheel brakes, and of course, the EVF installation is attended to.  BVM's 29 years of experience with professionally engineered power system design and installations are evident when you see the inlet and eflux ducting. It converts every possible Watt of power into thrust. The take-off performance, even from a grass field is impressive.

  BVM knows that large jets can be a hassle to handle, so we addressed this challenge with top access wing mounting and a unique adaptation of a foam model stand.  This 89" span jet can now be termed a "personal size" jet. Shop handling and transport can be accomplished by just you.


Length: 82"

Wing Span: 89"

Weight: R.T.F. 38-40 Lbs

Power: (2) Electric VioFans (EVF)

Price starts at $4,375.00 + shipping


BV had 1st flight honors on our first outing.
Dustin further evaluated the A-10 on subsequent flights. Bob Fiorenze and Kirby Smith
assisted the project.
  It is S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) for BVM to thoroughly test fly a new project, make fine adjustments to parts and procedures that can only be accomplished by multiple test flights, and then offer a complete system to you that is truly "Engineered For Success".  The BVM / Xtreme A-10 in 1:7.75 scale can be ordered from BVM in formats listed below.

10S vs. 12S Power
Your Choice!

  The twin EVF 10S powered A-10 flies in a very scale-like manner and will please many electric scale enthusiasts.  You can expect 5-6 minute flight times. Its' ready-to-fly weight is 38 Lbs. with a static thrust of 31 Lbs.  That's a .81:1 thrust-to-weight ratio. A 10S system of course is less expensive.

  The twin EVF 12S powered A-10 offers more performance, especially with vertical maneuvers, and you can fly 6-7 minutes.  Its' ready-to-fly weight is 40 Lbs. with a static thrust of 40 Lbs.

Note:  The above weights include ThunderPower 70C 7700 mAh batteries.

The "Success Pack"
some very small items not shown
some parts shown are fixtures for accurate assembly

EVF Inlet & EFlux Ducts
A-10 Success Manual
Fuse, Nacelles Pack   Fuselage Pack
Fuse, Cockpit Package   Wing Flap Package
Tail Stab Package      Tail Fin Rudder      Fuse Nose Package
Wings, Main Gear Install         Wings Aileron Package       Wings Attach Package
Fuse Nose Gear Steering Package      External Stores Hardware        Fuse Door E-Gear Upgrade


A-10 1:7.75 EVF Power "All Electric"

To Order Call BVM
Phone: (407)327-6333 (Eastern Time, USA)

K4000 .............. A-10 1:7.75 EVF Power $4,375.00
  includes - painted airframe, air landing gear, cockpit, nose gear door, and BVM Success Packs
Landing Gear System Upgrade  
K4000-18 .......... Electric Landing Gear Conversion $699.99
10S Power System - for casual flying  
E1300-85 .......... EVF ~3~ 10S System 9 Blade (2 required) $1,595.00
E1000-23 .......... Power Plug 3 (2 required) $34.95
TP6600-10SR70SD Two 70C 5S 2P 7700mAh Saddle Cells $519.98
E1000-31 .......... EVF Extension Wires (3), 8 gauge $154.95
K4000A-22 ....... 10S Battery Holding Foam Blocks $40.95
12S Power System - for high performance flying  
E1300-90 .......... EVF ~3~ 12S System 9 Blade (2 required) $1,595.00
E1000-23 ......... Power Plug 3 (2 required) $34.95
TP7700-12SR70SD Three 70C 4S 2P 7700mAh Saddle Cells $809.97
E1000-31 .......... EVF Extension Wires (3), 8 gauge $154.95
K4000A-36 ....... 12S Battery Holding Foam Blocks $47.50
Radio Gear    
K4000-70 ......... A-10 JR/Spektrum Servos and Extensions (listed in manual) $1,951.75


K4000-40 ......... 11 Pylon Set - Painted $195.00
VS-0007 ........... Skymaster 1:7.5 scale Pilot $79.50
PA-SR-0046...... Epoxy Starter Kit (includes Aeropoxy, Vpoxy, QTPoxy, and glue gun with nozzles) $98.95

More Static & In-Action Photos


Paint Schemes:

# K4000-01

# K4000-03


# K4000-07

# K4000-08  



To Order Call BVM
Phone: (407)327-6333 (Eastern Time, USA)






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