Converting Early BVM D/F Jets To EVF Power

The Electric VioFan is a drop-in replacement for the piston powered Viojett, so converting these models to EVF power is relatively simple.

The best candidates for the conversion are the F-86 Sabre, F-16, Maverick (and Pro version), Aggressor III, and the Ultra Viper because the space available and access to the batteries is adequate.  The very early Viper and Aggressor I's and II's have limited space and access but can accept some battery configurations.

Please keep in mind that the EVF power exceeds that of the DF Viojett.  Therefore, the structural integrity of the very early designs combined with aging glue joints must be a consideration in your decision to convert. 

This information is not intended to be a thorough step-by-step instruction manual on each conversion but rather a few guidelines on how to accomplish.  Experienced modelers can handle it.

Since the model you are considering for the conversion may be new in the box partially built, or one that has been completed and flown with D/F power, the following guide lines must be applied accordingly.

These guide lines will assume that the model has been built and flown.

    Remove the Viojett, Tuned pipe, fuel tanks, and plumbing.

    Remove the F/G Tailpipe with pipe hanger.

    Remove the throttle and mixture control servos and linkages and their mounts.

    Thoroughly clean any fuel reside from the inside of the fuse and check all glue joints for security.

    The original non-"Hush kit" treated inlets do not require any modification.  If the model has the "Hush kit" canisters, it is best to remove the inlets and install fresh ones.  BVM can provide these parts.

Note:  It is likely that the epoxy paste seals on the Hush kit canisters no longer provide a perfect seal.  An air leak in the canisters will severely interrupt the inlet flow and cause a noticeable loss of thrust.

    Acquire the appropriate Mylar Thrust Tube for your particular model. 

    Install the EVF unit per original mounting system.

    Install the thrust tube per its instructions.

    Read EVF instructions.

    See many posts on this site for more Hints + Tips on successful EVF operations.

    Install the batteries.


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