Flying Tips
Elevator Exponential

To execute smooth slow rolls, point rolls and inverted flight it is very helpful to have the model feel the same when it is inverted as it does when flying right side up.
Most good flying jets have built-in positive stability about the lateral axis with emphasis on their "up right" condition.
To get the right elevator feel you can increase the ATV travel of the down elevator and, more importantly, apply some "negative exponential" to this side of the channel.
As an example, my 60" F-86 utilizes 35% positive expo on up elevator and 15% negative expo on down elevator. ATV's are 110% up and 115% down.
Slight variances in component installation, and C.G. will affect the final numbers that make your model "feel" right - you just have to make adjustments between flights until you get it right for you.