Heavy Jets
28 March 2003

I invite all to actually read the AMA rules regarding model weight (click here to view the rules/restrictions). Notice in particular document #549, subsection 1.1, 2.1 and 2.4. While it is obvious that they were conceived some time ago and do not allow for the difference in required fuel capacity between piston powered and turbojet powered models, they are the rules that we (jet modelers) are required to operate under.

Big jet example.

A BVM twin turbojet powered, competition ready, fully fueled Rafale B-O1 weighs between 51 and 53 pounds.
It is difficult to imagine how some models, currently being flown that are 2 to 3 times the wetted surface area of this sample, can be operating within the rules.
I made my concerns known to the chairman of the AMA Safety Committee. His response was that the rules probably will not be changed and that his committee is not really interested in the views of a person in the industry.
If jet modelers desire to have these rules brought up to date, they will have to become proactive.
In the meantime, BVM and our products will operate within the rules.
The BVM trailer will be equipped with an accurate scale. Should representatives of the AMA, JPO, or event organizers wish to enforce the rules, the scale will be available.

Bob Violett

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