Here is a photo of my Grandmother (Gus’ wife) and my wife sporting the most prized possession I have. This was from this past weekend at our jet event. The wings are nearing 20 years old whereas the fuse is around 17 or 18.. Still rock solid and going strong. :) 

Hudson Northcutt



Terry and Shelia Nitsch with their BVM KingCat


Hey Patty,

Here’s my Kingcat. It’s the classic Kingcat.  Restored to new condition painted myself. This is my 4th Kingcat. Seems like I always go back to this airframe.

JetCat 180nx,  JR Elite 28x radio, and JR/MKS servos. PPG Deltron paint.


Derrick Martin


Arie Haziza from California is very happy with his KingCat.  Arie is using a Jetsmunt 166 Turbine for power.



Hi Guys,

Here is a picture from Georgia Jets of my new Kingcat. It’s become my favorite jet and I have a blast flying it!

Thanks again for making me such a great Jet and see you all soon!

Boli Muentes



AMA District V Vice President, Bob Brogdon is a long time modeler from Georgia who has an impressive pylon racing background, he also likes jets. The photo shows his BVM KingCat in this brilliant color scheme and will be seen at some local events.




Dear Heather

 The cat started her life as a customer demo model for the local BVM rep. Lasse Palm. I have done a midlife update to the airframe since then with new airlines/servos and a complete new finish.

The Kingcat is fully covered with Flitemetal and detailed with custom painting and markings from PRO-Mark and Callie Graphics. My idea was to create a feeling of a fighter jet from the Air Guard from the 60´s (the look of the sleek F-100).

The outcome turned out great I think!

I consume a lot of jets and always when I come back to the BVM models I feel that extra touch of quality. Still a huge difference compared to other brands even though the design soon is 15 years old.

All the best from Sweden


Terry and Sheila Nitsch ready for the KingCat Jet Demo at the Cleveland National Air Show.

From: Jay Moorhaj
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 2:41 PM
To: Patty
Subject: Kingcat

Added a new kingcat to the fleet.



Editors Note: Jay Moorhaj is from Pasadena, Texas


From: Behzad Pakzad
Sent: Monday, April 18, 2016 4:24 PM
To: Patty Generali
Subject: First day after few months of rain 

Hi Patty

After a few months of continuous rain, in Issaquah, Wa. for the first time this year, we were able to fly Jets and they are all BVM produced or sold models because they are most reliable and make the start of the season enjoyable.

From Left to right: Michael Scoles (Bobcat), Roberto Flores (Hawk), Behzad Pakzad (KingCat), Bill Broderick (F16),
Bill Rietzel (Bandit - Already packed up) and Al Watson (KingCat).


Hi Patty:

Tim R and I flew the KingCat Saturday at Illini Jet Rally! Dustin helped us convert to Spectrum DX 18, and we flew with no problems what so ever!  Thanks to you and everyone at BVM!

Will send another photo of Tim and I with the cat powering up!

Tom Riggins

From: Boli Muentes
Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2015 9:04 PM
To: Patty Generali
Subject: Jets over Kentucky


Here is a picture of Lukey Martinez's twin engine powered KingCat that we flew at Kentucky.  We put over 20 flights on it at the show and it performed flawlessly as it always does!

Boli Muentes

BVM NOTE:  This modification is not available from BVM.

From: Jack Studnik
Sent: Monday, March 09, 2015 1:33 PM
To: BVM Generali
Subject: Kingcat

Hi Patty
Had a great day flying my new Kingcat. Powered by a Jetcat Titan. It's an awesome jet!!


Mike Oberst from Georgetown, SC has reason to smile after the first two flights on his new KingCat in the Fly Navy color scheme accomplished on 10-23-2014.

A JetCat P-120 power and JR guidance has been a great combination for KingCats over the years, and this one is certainly no exception.

Mike reports that it flew right off the board with no trim changes required and is very smooth and easy to land. It is a welcome addition to his hangar.

This is a testament to a time proven combination.


From: Michael T.K
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2014 10:51 PM
Subject: Re: Customer photos KingCat

Hi Heather

Owner of the plane Michael TK with dark blue T shirt while next to me, Mr Alex with son.. Photo was taken 2008. Dec. 28  at Laya Laya flying field, State of Sabah, Malaysia. Plane was maiden in 2005 October,  more than 1000 flights. Took off and landing up to date now with 300+-hours logged with Ecu.

Plane still in beautiful shape and good condition till now..  


Rex Briant from Canton, Georgia is very pleased with his DX18 guided, JetCat powered KingCat.  The "Fly Navy" scheme shows well against any sky condition.

Harley Condra has a new KingCat!

As Harley will attest, the "Fly Navy" paint scheme on a KingCat is a real "pleaser" and is easy on the eyes against any sky condition. The first 3 flights on this model were logged on June 20, 2014.  The JetCat P-160 was set to reasonable KingCat power of 27# of thrust.


From: R. Michael Danchak, MD
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 11:42 AM
To: Heather
Subject: Kingcat 

To the BVM Team,

I started flying the Kingcat last August. The plane now has 56 flawless flights. It is very comfortable to fly with great performance and visibility.  Radio is a Spectrum 18 channel with telemetry, and the turbine is a Jetcat P 160SX.  I am using gyros on both aileron channels as well as on the rudder.  The gyros add to the excellent stability of the plane.  The "enhanced cockpit" was done using a single-seat Ultra Bandit cockpit kit, which worked well with minimal modifications.  The wing tanks look great both on the ground and in the air, and they decrease the airspeed by about 5 mph for a given throttle setting.

Thanks for the great product support. This one is hard to beat!

Mike Danchak


From: Bob Brubaker 
Sent: Monday, June 9, 2014 2:53 PM
To: Heather (BVMJets); brubaker family
Subject: BVM Jets = Success

Hello BVM. Maidened my new Kingcat this weekend at Bomber Field in Houston Texas. Bob Covish was my wingman. First flight with no wing tanks. All went well with minimal elev trim changes. Attached the wing tanks and took off for flight #2. SUCCESS again. No trim changes for flight, TO flaps or Landing flaps. Engineering pays off again.

Thanks for the kits. They are amazing.  

Bob Brubaker


Eric Conrad, Misha Conrad, and Pablo Fernandez with a BVM Ultra Bandit and KingCat.

To: Bob Violett
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2013 12:47 PM
Subject: Happy customer

Hey Bob,

 I just wanted to forward you some pictures along with letting you know how pleased Eric Conrad is with the BVM products, Elite Aerosports turnkey service, and flight training. Eric has been able to progress from never flying a jet, to successfully flying and landing in less than a week and a half. The BVM products and Elite Aerosports services have really proven how valuable they are to jet modeling. Keep an eye out at the shows, Eric is an outstanding pilot and person.

From: Wilian
To: Patty
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 1:45 PM
Subject: KingCat P160sx 

 Hi Patty,

 This is  Wilian from Brazil. Celso De Santi has assembled my beautiful KingCat with a P160sx. It's so far my best flying jet! I really love it!

Wilian Saraceni

From: Mario Martinez
To: Patty
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 11:06 AM
Subject: KingCat Maiden Flight

Hi Patty,

I flew my "Captain Caveman" KingCat  and I can say it is a really very nice jet with the JetCentral Cheetah. I think it is just enough power,

As always, the best performance and quality from BVM.

Greetings From Xalapa, Veracruz....Mexico


From: Reg Showers
To: Bob Violett
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012 6:16 PM
Subject: KC pics


Thought you might like to see a couple of photos taken a few weeks ago. EVERYONE was blown away by my KingCat! Especially the Admiral who I let work the throttle & smoke!


In a direct response to a White House call to action, the acclaimed Philadelphia based non-profit URBAN YOUTH RACING SCHOOL (UYRS) is joining forces with the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to fast track a new initiative to improve Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) education and proficiency among urban college bound primary through high school students. Vice Admiral Kevin McCoy, NAVSEA commander and UYRS Founder Anthony Martin were both on hand for this historic announcement at the Philadelphia NAVY YARD. Admiral McCoy then went to UYRS headquarters for a special tour. 


From: Ramon Lozano Yuste
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 3:43 PM
Subject: Jet-Power

 Hello Patty,

How are you? I hope you are doing well.

We have just arrived from Jet-Power. The event was wonderful for us and for all the BVM and Jet-Central team. In our stand we showed our BVM stuff and all the people were really interested. We did a really good performance with the Ultra Bandit and the KingCat. People were really impressed. It was a very good promotion because we were unique flying BVM stuff.

In addition we installed a GPS on my plane connected to a big screen and all the public could see the telemetry real time. This attracted a lot of people on our slot. People were surprised with the telemetry values.

I am sending you some pictures I hope you enjoy.


From: Reg Showers
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 12:07 PM

Dear BVM,

   On June 13th, 2012 I was invited to participate in a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) volunteer recruitment & student outreach event hosted by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Department of The US NAVY in Washington DC. Various organizations who partner with the NAVY came to help recruit new volunteers to go out and educate our nation's youth about the importance of STEM in their futures.  For the past 7 years I have mentored with the Urban Youth Racing School, a non profit organization based in Philadelphia PA that teaches inner city youth about the various opportunities in motor sports as well as STEM. The UYRS partners with the US NAVY and their Naval Engine Design Program. On display in our booth were my BVM King Cat (Navy scheme, how fitting) & my daughter's trainer airplane. Hands down the jet was a big hit! All throughout the event, I answered numerous questions about the workings of my King Cat as well as the JetCat turbine. The engineers were impressed by the technology involved with our models. This summer I will head a new class for the UYRS; the Urban Youth Racing School Aviation Program. For 8 weeks, 10 students will get extensive classroom as well as hands on field instruction on how to successfully pilot an RC airplane. Our goal is to motivate some of the next generation of aviators! 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that without your product, our booth wouldn't have received the attention that it got! It was a pleasure representing BVM Jets at such an important event! Keep up the good work team!

Reggie Showers

From: Ramon Lozano Yuste
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 9:16 AM
Subject: Spanish event 

Hello Patty,

Last weekend we went to the most important event in Spain, Bellota jet. It was the first time that we went to this event with the KingCat and the people loved it! Really fast with the JetCentral Cheetah on it. I am sending you some pictures and video. Also, you can see in the pictures important people from the council really interested in the plane.


Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2012 9:44 AM
To: Heather (BVMJets)

Dear Heather ,

  It is the best jet that we flown till now. We maiden this jet on 5//6/2012 and no trim was needed at all. It is flying very smooth. It can go really slow and really fast.

  Demetris and Michalis 
Limassol CYPRUS

Excellent Video: KingCat with Cheetah Power

Raul Lozano Yuste

From: Ramon Lozano Yuste
To: Patty
Sent: Saturday, December 24, 2011 9:45 AM
Subject: Raúl

Patty Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


This is Raul's sponsored KingCat

Raul's KingCat, as is BVM's demo, are powered by the JetCentral 31 Lb. thrust Cheetah.  It's an excellent plane/engine combination.  BVM's demo KingCat does not use a F.O.D. screen.  We have not found it to be necessary.

From: Ewald Trumpp
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 7:27 AM
Subject: Order

Hi Patty,

 I hope in your factory everything is fine and you had all great X-Mas! Attached find 2 pictures of me and my son flying our BVM Jets.

Best regards and a happy new year!

Ewald Trumpp

Early KingCat - New Jet Pilot

   A man of many talents, enterprises, and avocations, Dr. Stan Pfost finally found some time to finish his 8 year old KingCat.  His latest inspiration to dust off his first jet project and get it ready to fly, came from watching the BVM crew have a great time one Thursday evening jet session at R.C.A.C.F.
   After a final preflight, JetCat P-120 engine run, and taxi test at BVM, Dustin and BV met our dentist buddy at the field for some "pilot link" familiarization flights. 
   Stan has flown many types R/C models since the inception of radio controlled model airplanes.
   Getting his turbine jet qualification represents the "Crown Jewel" of his modeling accomplishments, says Stan.  Consistency in the landing pattern, the power control approach, line-up (in crosswinds) and touch down are the primary points of instruction when the BVM crew qualifies jet pilots.  Our motto is: "If you can't land safely, what else matters?"  Any R/C pilot can do loops and rolls, but the model must land safely every flight to be able to practice the "Stunt Stuff". So, on the first flights, after a few laps to trim and get the feel of a jet, practice landing patterns, approaches, and go-arounds are the routine. 
  Stan is all smiles now when he talks about his recently acquired "Turbine Waiver".


From: Gus Hudson
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 5:53 PM


I thought that I would give you a update on my grandson, Hudson Northcutt, who has just turned 13.  He now has about 150 turbine flights and has just taken over my Kingcat.  He and I spend the weekend at the field and I'm having more fun than I've had in a long time.  Thanks for the work that you do in providing a quality product. 

Gus Hudson

From: Igor Carballal
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 11:25 AM
Subject: KingCat maiden

Dear Patty, 

I just maiden my KingCat this Saturday. More than 6 flights on the maiden day. I am using a 12X radio on 2.4 Ghz and a JetCat P-160 SX. The best plane that I ever flew, congratulations for you guys at BVM Jets! 

Best Regards
Igor R. Carballal
From Brazil

From: George Walker
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2011 11:12 PM
Subject: Kodos to Dan Avilla


  I just wanted you to know how helpful Dan Avilla was last week.  Skeet Hunt and I had two BVM birds that we needed help with first trim flights.  Skeet's was a Bandit he recently purchased and mine was a new KingCat.  We were guests at Dan's home and he spent two days helping us set them up and doing the first trim flights.  Both Skeet and I really appreciated his time and hospitality.


click here to see Skeet Hunts Bandit

From: Ary Figueira
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 7:35 AM
Subject: 1º FigueiraJet

Hi again Patty,

More pics. from 1º FigueiraJet


From: Zenon Pierides
Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2010 8:27 AM
To: Heather
Subject: King Cat Pictures!


 I purchased the BVM King Cat from you at 2004. We are still flying and enjoying it with my friend and builder Zenon on the left of the picture who is also an old client of yours. We took these nice professional pictures with smoke on September 11th, 2010 and we thought it would be nice to share them with you and also remember 9/11. The set up is a JetCat P160SX with jet Cat Smoke Pump, all jr radio and servos!! 

Happy Landings,
Theodoros Vonditsianos

From: leopoldo ruiz
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2010 11:40 AM
Subject: Kingcat Maiden


Just wanted to share with you that I made the maiden on the Kingcat last Saturday. I put on 3 flights and 2 more yesterday. Everything worked perfectly, just as I expected. I am using a 12X radio on 2.4 Ghz and a Jet Central Rhino engine, that puts more than the power needed even though we fly at 8000 ft. above the sea level. I am enclosing a couple of pictures, also notice that I am not alone anymore flying jets at my field, Juan Pablo is having a lot of fun with his turbine Electra.

Thanks a lot for all the BVM support.

Best Regards,

Angel Vladimir Drullard from the Dominican Republic sent us this photo of his "Flaming" Kingcat and mentioned how much he enjoys flying it.

Gary Freeman Jr. is a very accomplished pylon racer who resides in the Orlando, FL area.  He has expanded his interests and is now applying his talents to jets.  This JetCat P-120 powered Kingcat shows well in Gary's hands.

From: Lasse Palm
To: Patty
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 6:28 PM
Subject: Pictures!

Hi Patty!
Here are some pictures on my King Cat from Pampa jet meeting (Netherlands) 2008.

Lasse Palm

From: Jamie Snipes
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 4:05 PM
Subject: Kingcat First Flights/P160SX

Dear Bob, Patty, Dustin, and the rest of the BVM Gang,

I have recently gotten my new Kingcat in the air and couldn’t be more pleased with the performance!  I am powering this one with the new Jetcat P160SX, and am using a JR 12X with a JR 1222 receiver for guidance.  My previous Kingcat was a “Gen 1” and I didn’t think an airframe could have a wider flight envelope until now.  You have up’d the bar once again with the larger strake … the slow speed handling and stability are amazing!  I am also using the newly offered trailing link gear for grass ops with great success.  Your attention to detail and continuous improvement to already excellent products are well appreciated.

I would like to thank Dustin and Patty for the excellent technical and product support during my building process.  I plan to apply a custom finish over the winter along with adding lighting to the airframe.  I’ll send updated pics when finished, but have attached photos from this past weekend until then.  I look forward to many fun flights ahead!

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing the BVM gang at a jet event in the near future. 

Jamie Snipes
Greenville, SC

From: Cesar Quero
To: Patty
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2008 11:44 AM
Subject: FW: king cat

hi Patty,
Good Morning

Good news from Venezuela, I test fly the king cat last Saturday, and I want to thank every one at BVM for this great plane.

Cesar Quero

Paul Gourgue has been flying D/F and jet models in France for 25 years.  He is very fond of his KingCat with JetCat P-120 power.  His comments include: "It is a very professional kit that flies quite well and has a wide envelop of speed from very slow to very fast."

Paul's grass field appears to be vast and uncluttered.


From: Miguel Santana
To: Patty
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 10:34 AM
Subject: Thanks


Dear Patty,


Finally yesterday I maiden my KingCat...and it was awesome.  I'm of those guys who like to spend time enjoying the building process...and doing modifications in order to "improve" is also one of my diseases to provide the plane with a "personal touch".

Well...this jet is personal. It comes that way....and a really had good time following your extremely well made manual that for my taste shows the respect you guys have for your customers.

Thanks for your patience and kind attention during my calls and give my regards and congratulations to your father.

Take care,


Miguel Santana

Dominican Republic


From: Leon Smith
To: Bob
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 9:03 AM
Subject: Omar's KingCat

Hi Bob, we test flew Omar AlGahanim's KingCat powered by a JetCat Titan today. Another happy customer!. Here is pictured Omar's cousin, myself, Omar and Darryl Tarr. First flight was under the supervision of Darryl and myself.
We have a few more first flights planned for this season of flying.
 Leon W Smith
BVM Distributor, Middle East
Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Alan Blore of Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the first annual High River Jet Rally with his new KingCat. Alan now has about a dozen flights and is very enthusiastic about it's flight characteristics and quality. His KingCat is powered with a PST 1300 R and guided by a JR 10X.

Alan was very busy as the Contest Director of the First Annual High River Jet Rally, but managed to sit still long enough for this photo. Look for the High River Jet Rally again next July. It was a great show, and the meet is sure to grow next year.

Fritz Heer of Switzerland received one of the very first KingCat's with the new red/yellow/white color scheme. Fritz is enjoying his new model and looks forward to logging many flights this year.


Steve Harpole of Union City, Tennessee visiting central Florida to get the initial test flights accomplished on his KingCat. This is Steve's first jet and he chose to power it with a JetCat P-120 and he's obviously gotten the "bug" as his hangar now includes a red/yellow KingCat and the latest project is a Bandit ARF.



click to enlarge

The jet crowd in Doha, Qatar is enjoying there KingCat's! From the left are Nasser Al Rabban, Abdul Aziz Al Rabban, Khalid Al-Khater and Jabor Al-Thani. Khalid (3rd from left) is the owner of The Hobby Land (BVM dealer in Qatar) and keeps the jet enthusiasts happy with a great supply of kits and parts.




Dr. Itima of Hiroshima, Japan has now logged over 100 flights on his KingCat. His local BVM dealer, JetSet Japan supplies Dr. Itima with all of his jet needs.


Mike and Carole Tipping of Bromsgrove, England take a break after a good day of flying. Mike is using a JetCat P-120 to power his KingCat and says "it was a joy to build and superb to fly".




Helmuth Barros of Bogota, Colombia is logging flight time on this NAVY KingCat with JetCat P-120 power. Helmuth flies with fellow jet enthusiast Christian Daes from Barranquilla, Colombia. It's obvious how Helmuth feels after flying the KingCat!

Tony Huber from Renton, Washington exercised his KingCat at the recent Jets Over Whidbey event. Tony is using a JetCat P-120 for power and chose the NAVY color scheme painted-in-the-mold finish.



Larry Noble of San Diego, California is proud of his custom finished "Miss America" KingCat. Larry is using a JR10X radio with a JetCat P-120 for power and has added the clear canopy and detailed the cockpit area. He notes that it needed no trim during the test flight and Larry is very pleased with the product.

Kevin Barr and Don Luce of Minnesota are enjoying their KingCat's with JetCat Titan power. They say the Titan is a great match for the KingCat and are looking forward to logging many flights on their BVM jets.


Don Winn finished his first BVM Jet - a new white KingCat in just under 3 weeks. Don's KingCat is powered by an AMT AT-280 and guided by a JR radio. BVM Rep Tim Redelman assisted in making sure Don was all set to go with his initial flights and Don's remarks about the aircraft were "This is the best jet I have ever built, every part was in the kit from screws to clevises, and the flying qualities are the best I have ever seen!"


Alan Thomas finished his KingCat with a personal touch using pink and purple over the white base. Alan is from Australia and says (quote) "The KingCat is a superb model, the more I fly it the more I like it."

Darryl Tarr of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is no stranger to owning a BVM jet and his latest aircraft is this orange/blue KingCat with JetCat P-160 power. Darryl's KingCat is geared up with a JR10X radio and Duralite Batteries so he can get many flights before recharging.

Darryl flew his new bird recently and expressed complete satisfaction with it. Some flying field there!

Dan Johnson of St. George, Utah finished his basic white KingCat in this patriotic color scheme. A JetCat P-120 is used for power and Dan had some custom airbrush work done on the wings that really make this one stand out!

(top photo) Ray Blair, Jay Moorhaj and Jose E. Rodriguez with their new KingCats after maiden flights in Monaville, TX. (bottom photo) Lee and Joel Rodriguez enjoy dad's new KingCat as time allows with their busy college schedules. They all comment that the KingCat's are excellent flying machines.

BVM Dealer, Andy Sheldon (Jetline) of Worcestershire, England says that the KingCat is an excellent flier and only required 2 clicks of trim during the test flight. Andy is using a JetCat P-120 for power on his KingCat.

Bennie van de Goor of AMT Netherlands is enjoying many flights on his custom painted KingCat equipped with the electric start Pegasus H.P. turbine.

Henry Cooper has been busy with the assembly and custom finishing of several KingCats in England. Henry says that the KingCat goes together nicely and provides a prime canvas for his custom paintwork.

Patrick Lemonnier (right) of PL Products in France is enjoying his JetCat P-120 powered KingCat in the Stars & Bars color scheme. Patrick is working on a BVM Super Bandit and is excited about his recent transition into turbine jet flying.

Zenon Pierides (right) and good friend Vakis Yiangou (left) assembled this KingCat with a clear canopy kit and is using a JetCat P-200 for power. Zenon and Vakis are from Cyprus and are enjoying their BVM jets.

BVM Rep Mark Taylor has been logging many sorties on his NAVY KingCat equipped with a JetCat P-120. Mark adapted a set of Super Bandit pylons to the booms so he can drop his Snake-Eye bombs with accuracy.

BVM Rep Harley Condra is enjoying his red, white and blue KingCat with a JetCat P-120 for power and a Tamjets smoke system with the Duralite "Jet Pack" battery system. Harley says the "Crow" in the flight control program is on a flight mode, which keeps the pilot workload down, and the added sink rate really helps the landings.

Joe Grice did it again, this time he Flite-Metal'd an entire KingCat complete with rivets and used Pro-Mark markings and nomenclature. Joe installed an AMT USA AT-400 for plenty of vertical performance.

Here are a couple KingCat's from San Diego. As Paul Bageman once said, "a pair of Kings is better than a pair of Queens anyday" - quote reference is to flying all afternoon instead of doing the house chores. Paul and Buck Garza are having a blast with them and typically put in 5-7 flights a piece each time they go out. Bags has in excess of 70 flights on his but Buck is gaining rapidly. They're both using the Duralite KingCat pack and lovin' every minute of it.

Vern and Larry Kramer sent us this photo taken by Larry Taylor during a pass with smoke on. This KingCat has a signature red, white, blue and yellow paint job with an excellent finish and is powered by an AMT USA AT-400.

Jon Vance installed a JetCat P-120 with a JR 10X radio and Duralite batteries in his KingCat. After logging the first few flights, Jon said, "This jet flies like an IMAC airplane......the slow flight characteristics are very impressive."

KingCats & NASA Langley R/C Group
click to read the article

Michael Lederer put on quite an impressive show at the recent "Best in the West" event with his newly acquired KingCat on JetCat power. Michael seems very happy with his machine.

Steven Ellzey finished his white KingCat in the famous "Miss America" Reno Racer scheme and uses a RAM 1000 for power.

Bob Covish from Austin, Texas finished up his white KingCat in his trademark scheme. A JetCat P-120 is being used for power and Bob says the flight performance is awesome. He'd like to thank Tom Dodgen, David Reid and Steven Ellzey for their help.

John Redman dressed up his U.S. Air Force painted KingCat with Pro-Mark sport jet insignias and nomenclature. A nice finishing touch. Sport jet rub-on transfers are available direct from Pro-Mark.

Christian Daes (center) of Barranquilla, Colombia owns this Stars & Stripes KingCat that uses a JetCat P-120 for power. Alfonso "Canario" Manjarres (builder - far right) finished up the model and maintains all of Christian's jets.
Chris says he really enjoys the way the KingCat flies and especially the landing.

Joe Grice has been logging many flights on his yellow and blue KingCat on his farm in Northfield, Minnesota. Joe uses an AMT USA AT-400 for power and says that he has no shortage on the verticals! The KingCat landing gear and shock absorbing mounting system are working well on Joe's grass strip.

Duralite Batteries Plus allow multiple quick turnarounds on Joe's KingCat, so he can cram a lot of flights into a short period and get back to his building projects.

Keith Sievers from Jacksonville, Florida sent us a nice letter copied below.

I just wanted to take a moment to express how happy I am with the KingCat.
The kit itself was very well done. The finish was excellent. Instructions were clear and concise, the parts fit was excellent and every piece, down to the last screw, was there. This, coupled with the prefabrication done at the factory, made the building move along very quickly. The assembly process was hassle free and very satisfying.
In the air, the KingCat is truly impressive. This is my first turbine aircraft, yet I felt comfortable immediately. The plane flew smoothly anywhere I pointed it. It's size makes for great visibility. Vertical performance was spectacular. At the same time, it is so stable at slow flight that it gave me great confidence in the landing pattern. Our runway is fairly short at 450 feet and the Cat handles this consistently with ease.
This was the first turbine aircraft that many of the members at our field have seen, and I think it would be fair to say everyone present was impressed. I tried the line that it was my considerable piloting skills, but no one seemed to be buying that. I think they knew it was the airframe.
Again, congratulations on a well conceived, well executed model. I can truly say that it has been a long time since I have had this much fun on a Sunday afternoon at the field.


Scott Marr (left) from Dallas, Texas had Joey Tamez (right) finish his KingCat with their trademark sport jet scheme - red tops, white logos and bottom.

The newest BVM Rep - David Reid finished his KingCat in a unique blue camo scheme. David has logged many flights on his KingCat since its first outing at Superman '03. Some of these KingCats will look even better with the clear canopy/cockpit deck option - available soon.

David Carter from St. Petersburg, Fl received one of the early KingCats and has been enjoying flying it with P-120 power.

Manny Sanchez of Miami converted a go-cart carrier to ease the transport of big jets and equipment like his KingCat, from the pits to the flightline.

Vernon Montgomery of Mississippi received a plain white KingCat and finished it with this camo scheme and JetCat P-120 power. Color contrast makes even "CAMO" very visible.


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