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PRICE $5,899.00

Includes NEW BVM branded Servos

Final Assembly in the USA

The next evolution of the eBandit is here. A Go Fly aircraft you can grow with. Ideal for the first time jet enthusiast or the advanced jet pilot.

Length 76" 
Wingspan 69"
Weight: 21.5 #
Power 12S - 14S EVF



Special Features

  • New trailing link struts
  • High Voltage Digital Servos Installed
  • Central Control Unit for gear sequencing and brakes
  • Minimal Assembly Time
    Receiver, Radio Set-up, SD Card available for Spektrum users
  • Electronic Gear and Brake Valves
  • Grass field capable.
  • Easy access to all components.

BVM Servos Now Installed in   Models

BVM servos (12kg and 32kg) are now installed in our eBandit EVO model.

The NEW BVM Servos offer a higher resolution than the previously installed servo's.

The 12kg & 32kg are HV, Digital, and Brushless.

Made by a well known manufacture in Taiwan.

Only available with a model purchase. Not available for individual sale.

  CLS 120 Specifications:
Torque @ 7.4v - 12kg/166.6oz-in
Speed @ 7.4v - 0.55 sec/60 deg
Refresh Rate: 333Hz
Motor Type: Coreless
  BLS 320 Specifications:
Torque @ 7.4v - 32.0kg/444.4oz-in
Speed @ 7.4v - 0.12 sec/60 deg
Refresh Rate: 333Hz
Motor Type: Brushless
Resolution (4096)

Controls QTY Servo Type
Steering 1 12kg
Aileron 2 32kg
Flap 2 32kg
Rudder 1 12kg
Elevator 2 12kg


 Trailing link struts, nose and main gear, allow for less than perfect landings with no damage to the model.
Pneumatic valves operate the landing gear, doors, and brakes. The electronic Central Control Unit (CCU) features fail safe low air pressure and a receiver voltage display.

NOTE: All servos are high voltage classification.


Control linkages for all surfaces are installed and adjusted such that they will be very close to perfect for most radios.
Factory installed fan mount and thrust tube.

Battery trays pre-installed.

Call 407-327-6333 to place your order or email to Patty@bvmjets.com

What is Go Fly Gold? 


Items Needed To Complete:
Available from BVM

● Spektrum 12310T Power Safe Receiver (# VJ-SPMAR12310T)

● Pulse 3600mAh 2S 7.4V 15C (# V-PLURX15-36002)

● Demon Cortex Gyro Pro (# V-DA-BD-CortexPro)

● 12S - 14S Fan System

● 12S - 14S 7700mAh Flight Batteries

● 12S - 14S Power Plug

Want to take the Go Fly to the next level?


Contact BVM for the Platinum pricing.


What is Go Fly Platinum?



Recommended Accessories:

Pulse Ultra Batteries for Receiver

Set of Wing & Tail Bags  $240.00



BVM Air Inflator Adaptor

# PA-SR-0153


*This adaptor is not designed to retain pressure*

PRICE $5,899.00

Includes NEW BVM branded Servos

Custom paint schemes are available for up to a $500.00 artwork, documentation and development fee.

There are many paint scheme options that are not currently on our site.  We are working diligently to update the website with all the existing schemes. Please give us a call if you have a scheme in mind to see if it is already in our archive.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Paint Schemes:

click on images to enlarge

Navy Aggressor

click here for color scheme photo

# E5500-93      HiViz Aggressor

Custom Scheme


# E5500-00      BVM Anniversary


Click here for color scheme photo

# E5500-03      Rally Orange


# E5500-04      Red/White

# E5500-05      Blue Angel

Click here for color scheme photos



Customer Hotshots
click on images to enlarge

Danny Serrato from California is all smiles with his eBandit EVO.
This eBandit EVO is powered by a 14S 9er EVF Fan Unit.


  Loving my E-Bandit EVO! Itís simple to set-up, flies great, and itís easy to land at small fields. Another great package from BVM!

Dantley Davis
Morgan Hill, California



 Bill Cessna drove over from the Tampa area to maiden his E Bandit Evo. The Blues scheme has been a favorite of guys for a long time now. His aircraft is powered by a EVF 9er on 12s the Thunder Power 7700's give Bill all the time he needs for flying. Bill uses the FR Sky TX with a Cortex Pro for guidance. This is Bill's first composite aircraft and he did a fantastic job flying it.



Jack Karst from Colorado with his E Evo Bandit in Blues Angels colors. Jack is using our new 14s setup for power. He guides it with a Spektrum IX20 and Spektrum Gyro.



From: George Kreyling
Date: 11/14/19 5:05 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: Rob@bvmjets.com
Subject: 14s EVO eBandit

Hey Rob:

Just finished the first few flights on the 14s Viofan. Performance is now similar to the turbine version; the vertical is amazing. I am getting about 8 minutes flying time and using 5500 mAh out of 7700.

14s is the perfect power system for the EVO!

Thanks for all the support.



Customer eBandit EVO Review

From: Doug Cronkhite
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2019 12:51 AM
To: Heather@bvmjets.com; Patty Generali <patty@bvmjets.com>
Subject: BVM E-Bandit Evo Flight Report

Hey Heather and Patty,

BVM Bandit Evo E Flight Report

At the Best in the West Jet Rally, Rob Lynch brought out the new EVF powered Bandit Evo. When I saw the Blue Angels scheme, I knew I was in trouble, as I've been obsessed with the Blues since I was a child.. I knew I HAD to fly it, and asking Rob, he happily agreed.
Over the past 20 years, I've built and flown multiple Bandits, both turbine, and ducted fan powered, so I have a solid reference for what to expect from this new E Bandit Evo. The BVM demo model is powered by a 12S 7700mah EVF powerplant, which puts out nearly 20 pounds of static thrust, or almost double what the original DF powerplants could deliver.


I taxied out and lined up on the runway. Cleared for takeoff, I started the timer, and brought the throttle up. Acceleration is actually faster than a turbine version as there is no lag at all. I rotated after about 200 feet of ground roll, immediately cleaned up the gear and flaps, and after a short bit of level acceleration, I was able to pull into a 1/2 reverse cuban eight reversal, directly after takeoff. Over the next 5 minutes, I flew my normal airshow routine, including multiple loops, rolls, and both high/low speed flight.  Speeds were varied from 40 to 200 miles per hour. Setting up for landing, again no surprises, as the Bandit is one of the nicest there is in the traffic pattern. Just keep the fuselage level with the ground, use power to control your descent rate, and add a little flare as you reduce power into the landing zone for a beautiful nose-high landing.


Upon shutdown and bringing the airplane back to the pit area,  a number of fellow pilots asked what turbine I had in the airplane. Many didn't believe it was EDF powered. At no time, did the airplane ever give away anything to its turbine-powered siblings!
Putting the batteries on the charger, I found we still had 25% capacity remaining, which is right in the window for best treatment of LiPos. 5 1/2 minutes of flight, with plenty of reserve in the batteries is simply incredible. In my opinion, the E-Bandit Evo is an great alternative for those pilots who can't fly turbines at their local field, or who want a simple and clean experience of no messy/smelly fuels to manage.


Doug Cronkhite

Team BVM




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