BobCat Composite


  It is BVM's practice to offer periodic updates for our time honored designs. A new HiViz paint scheme, all Electric Retracts and E-Brakes, and an updated manual are now available to customers who want a quality personal size sport jet. You can handle it by yourself and transport it in one piece.
  6'4" Robert Rich lends perspective to the BobCat's dimension and shows off the bottom decor. Notice that the bottom is completely different from the bright orange top which helps visual orientation.
  The latest control set-ups, Gyro integration, and fine tuning of flight techniques are in the new manual. If you guide your BobCat with a Spektrum 18X, BVM can supply an SD Card that reflects the set-up on BVM's latest demonstration example.
  The BobCat's externally mounted engine simplifies the assembly and operation. Turbine engines in the 60-100 Newton class are ideal for BobCat power and allow grassfield operation.

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  The plans and instructions support the standard pneumatic retracts and the latest Xicoy Controlled electric retracts. See "Color Schemes" for the multiple choices available. And, of course, a Clear Canopy and Cockpit Deck are an available option.

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