Electra and Sabre
Main Gear Flex Mount Stiffener
Addendum #093008
for grass field operation

    These machined carbon fiber reinforcing plates enhance the strength of the main gear mountings. The plates come as one part for manufacturing convenience. Simply cut them apart at the tab and file off the remaining stubs.


    If the retract units are installed, remove them.

 q Scuff the C.F. plates with #80 grit and epoxy glue or Slow Zap them to the top surface of the molded flex plates, using the 4 holes to align.

 q Use a #89 bit to drill out any glue, then tap with #4-40.

 q Use the longer 4-40 flat head bolts to mount the retract units.

   Note: This system is compatible with the Electra and Sabre jet servo operated units, or, the more recent pneumatic "Air Blue" retract units. Since the Sabre version necessarily has the cylinder facing outboard, some material must be beveled from the CF plate. This will be obvious during the system installation.

Main Gear Flex Mount Stiffener
with (8) 4-40 x 7/16" bolts

BVM #PA-SR-0020 $19.00

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