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BVM F-15 1:8 Scale


PRICE $7,699.00
includes freight shipped within the USA

Includes NEW BVM branded Servos


Fuel Capacity:
96" (2415MM)
65" (1651MM)
34 Lbs
4 Liters
  Turbine Engine:
Channels Required:
12 - 16 KG



Special Features Installed

  • Central Control Unit (CCU)

  • Landing Gear w/Scale Struts and Air System

  • Digital High Voltage Metal Gear Train

  • Servo Extensions and Linkage Rods

  • Navigation & Landing Lights

  • Afterburner Ring

  • Fuel System

  • Doublewall Stainless Steel Thrust Tube

  • BVM Air Fill Valve

  • Air Tanks

  • Wheels and Brakes

  • Gear Valve

  • Brake Valve

  • Smoke Tank

  • Smoke Pump

  • BVM Air Gauge

  • Cockpit Deck

  • Painted In Your Choice of Available Schemes - Custom Schemes Available

  • BVM Manual

BVM Servos Now Installed in   Models

BVM servos (12kg and 32kg) are now installed in our F-15 1:8 scale model.

The NEW BVM Servos offer a higher resolution than the previously installed servo's.

The 12kg & 32kg are HV, Digital, and Brushless.

Made by a well known manufacture in Taiwan.

Only available with a model purchase. Not available for individual sale.

  CLS 120 Specifications:
Torque @ 7.4v - 12kg/166.6oz-in
Speed @ 7.4v - 0.55 sec/60 deg
Refresh Rate: 333Hz
Motor Type: Coreless
  BLS 320 Specifications:
Torque @ 7.4v - 32.0kg/444.4oz-in
Speed @ 7.4v - 0.12 sec/60 deg
Refresh Rate: 333Hz
Motor Type: Brushless
Resolution (4096)

Controls QTY Servo Type
Steering 1 32kg
Aileron 2 32kg
Flap 2 32kg
Rudder 2 12kg
Elevator 2 32kg




Items Needed To Complete:
Available from BVM

(2) Pulse 3600mAh 7.4 Volt with EC3

(1) BVM # 6044 - BVM Ultimate Air Trap

14 Channel Receiver minimum



Pulse Ultra Batteries

Warbird Pilot - Modified     $79.99
BVM # V-WB-10"/8 Jet Pilot


Set of Wing & Tail Bags   $235.00


Engine Choices

 Your choice of 30 - 36 Lb turbine


Call BVM for combo pricing.

Optional Gyro

NOTE: BVM prototype was flown without a Gyro.
Of course, a properly set-up Gyro smoothes things out especially in the wind.

#V-DA-BD-CORTEXPRO   Bavarian Demon Cortex Pro    $299.00


List of Adhesives/Lubricants:

HeatShield BVM #PA-MA-1940

BVM Dry Lube  BVM #1947

PRICE $7,699.00
includes freight shipped within the USA

Includes NEW BVM branded Servos

What is Go Fly Gold? 

Custom paint schemes are available for up to a $500.00 artwork, documentation and development fee.

There are many paint scheme options that are not currently on our site.  We are working diligently to update the website with all the existing schemes. Please give us a call if you have a scheme in mind to see if it is already in our archive.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Paint Schemes:


# K3900-05
# K3900-04
# K3900-14
# K3900-06
# K3900-07


Customer Hotshots
click on images to enlarge


From: Michael Sarysz
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2022 6:07 PM
To: Patty <patty@bvmjets.com>
Subject: Maiden Sals F-15!

Great day yesterday! We maidened Sal DiFloria's F-15. It was amazing! 4 perfect flights.


Michael Sarysz



(L-R Klaus and Patrick Rohrbach)

Hello Heather,
Here are pictures of my son's F-15 we just just received. The maiden was fantastic and showed what an awesome model this is. Now we will get it loaded up for Kentucky. Powered by Swiwin 190 and JR for guidance and Cortex Pro. Could not be more impressed.
Kelly Rohrbach
Kalispell, Montana




Bruce Pennington from Bismarck, North Dakota wrote:

The wait was completely worth it. From the colors to the finest details BVM has outdone themselves with my F15. I am just amazed at the attention to detail and the care that goes into getting it right. I can't wait to get to fly this beauty





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