Shooting Stars
F-80 & T-33 Shooting Stars Addendums

Airframe Directive (A.D.)
And other helpful notes

T-33 Addendum #100914
T-33 EVF Addendum

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Shooting Star(s) Center of Gravity

For Turbine or EVF Powered F-80 and T-33

Turbine:  Balance the model with fuel in the UAT only.
EVF:  Balance the model with engine power batteries installed.

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  As the photo shows, measure 3-1/2" aft of the L.E. of the fuselage-to-wing joint.  Drill a 1/16" hole at that point.  You can install small button heads screw that will mark the C.G. on both the left and right fuselage wing stubs.
  The C.G. is the same for turbine or EVF powered F-80 and T-33 models.


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