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SW60B Brushless


Swiwin SW60B 6KG w/Brushless Pump

  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Built in FOD Screen

  • Brushless Starter

  • Color Screen GSU

  • 32Bit Auto Restart ECU

  • Brushless Fuel Pump


Thrust 6 kg/13.2 lb
RPM Range 50,000 r/min 160,000 r/min
Rated Exhaust Temperature 400-550C / 750-1025F
Fuel Consumption 164 ml/min/ 5.5oz/min @ 90% Power 144,000 RPM
Fuel Kerosene, Jet A or 3% Diesel
Start Full Auto-Start
Restart Auto-Restart
Engine Weight 783g /27.6oz / 1.7lb
Diameter 84mm / 3.3in
Length 206mm / 8in
Maintenance Interval Every 25 Hours
ECU Supply 3 cell li-po
Total Weight 1038g / 36.6oz / 2.3 lbs


Package Includes
1X Engine
1X ECU (Engine Control Unit)
1X GSU (Ground Station Unit)
1X Fuel Pump (Brushless)
1X On/Off Fuel Valve Festo Fitting
1X Inline Fuel Filter
1X Fuel Line
1X Turbine to ECU Cable
1X Power Cable

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