From: Garrett Wolfe
Sent: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 10:24 AM
Subject: Bobcat XL


  It was powered by a Jet Cat P70 for the first 100 flights. I then installed a Jet Central "Rabbit" which really brought the best out of me and the Bobcat. I now have over 800 flights on it.


Garrett Wolfe

From: Josť General Baterias
Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2015 6:47 PM
To: Patty
Subject: BVM Bobcat XL 

Hi Patty,

This is our BC XL, repainted. One more BVM jet in the air. Maiden today, with thanks' to our friend Harley Condra,  that help with setup and his great advice for 6 great flights.

Bst Rgds

Jose / Achilles

From: David Soufer
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2013 8:31 PM
Subject: Bobcat


 Attached are the pictures of my bobcat after its maiden flight. Ronny Derhacopian did a fantastic job of assembling and delivered the jet in 3 weeks. The control surfaces and the balance was so precisely done, the maiden flight did not required ANY trim.

Another perfect product by BVM.  Look forward to my up coming BVM jets.

From: Gregg Fullington
Sent: Monday, December 26, 2011 8:03 PM
To: Heather (BVMJets)
Subject: Bobcat Hotshot

Hi Heather:

      Enclosed is a photo I took of our newest Bobcat pilot, Moshe Arbiv. Today he soloed two flights on his Bobcat. It's powered with a Jetcat P80 and a JR 9303 radio. He was all smiles! He wants to thank Rob Janiger for mentoring him and doing the maiden flight.  

Best Wishes
Gregg Fullington

From: Gonzalo
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 16:26:21 -0700
Subject: Pictures of my Flying Bobcat Composite

Dear Bob and Dustin,
I just finished my Bobcat composite and did the maiden flight last week! The plane was incredible! it flew to perfection and I want to congratulate you guys for the model!!! I have so much fun building.   

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Gonzalo and friends are from San Rafael, CA.

Dale Nicholls of Victoria, Australia finished his BobCat XL in this red, white and blue scheme and is using a JetCat P-70 for power.



John Houlihan and daughter Kassandra are proud of Dad's newly finished BobCat. John flew his JetCat powered BobCat at the recent Best in the West jet rally in Chino, California.

Jay Don Blake is a pro golfer on the PGA Tour that calls St. George, Utah home. His new BobCat XL is powered by a JetCat P-120 and was finished by Ken Fiala. The custom paint was done by Brian VanHouton, a local painter who specializes in cars and motorcycles.

Addison Clark Jr. and John Redman have been flying quite extensively in California with Ad's BobCat and John's KingCat. Ad equipped his JetCat P-120 powered BobCat with a smoke system utlizing the BVM F-16 centerline smoke tank.

Patrick Winkelhorst of The Netherlands is enjoying his BobCat XL, using a JetCat P-80 for power.

Colonel Chuck Winter's BobCat XL is using a Jet Cat P-70 for power. This is Chuck's first turbine jet, although he has been flying BVM ducted fan jets for over 15 years. He started with a BVM Sport Shark and progressed through BVM Aggressors and Vipers.
Chuck was a U.S.Air Force Jet pilot who flew T-33s, F-86Ds, F-102, F-106 and many propeller aircraft and said the smell of jet fuel brings back many memories.
He built and painted his BobCat because he enjoys airbrush painting and detailing and stated that his BobCat XL is the smoothest flying model jet he has ever flown. "Thanks to BVM and crew for an excellent product." Col. Chuck Winter

Hal Dale is almost ready to get his new BobCat in the air, but couldn't wait to send in a photo of his new jet. Hal is planning on installing a WREN turbine and have it flying in May '04.

Bob Brunetti of California recently finished up his BobCat XL and contacted local rep, Chris Huhn to assist with the first flights. Everything went as planned and Bob achieved 100% success.

Terry Nitsch finished his BobCat with this flame job and custom airbrush art on the fins. Terry named his BobCat XL "Smokin Too" and uses an AMT Mercury SP for power with a smoke system.

Wroughton Air Base in England is enjoyed by jet modelers like Jonathan Smith with this brilliant BobCat. He and wife Jo visit the USA twice yearly with the models transported in BVM fiberglass molded Jet Cases.

Tom Telesca of Safety Harbor, Florida is enjoying his new BobCat XL with JetCat P-120 power. Tom did a great job finishing his BobCat in a NAVY chase plane scheme and utlized the clear canopy option as well.

Scott Booth took a slightly different approach and applied a Canadian F-18 color scheme to his BobCat.

Brian Wendel is a newly minted jet flyer from Temecula, Ca. With the BobCat XL as his first jet, his transition to turbine powered flight has been smooth and uneventful. We are looking forward to seeing Brian and his BobCat at the local jet meets next year.

From left to right are Ad Clark Jr., Ad Clark Sr., and Justin Sands - all very active BVM customers. Ad Jr. equipped his BobCat XL with a JetCat P-120 for power and logged many flights at the Whidbey event in the summer of 2003.

Ricardo Gomez of Caracas, Venezuela is enjoying his BobCat with RAM 500 power. Ricardo flys many BVM jets quite regularly with Dr. Julio Moron, also from Caracas.

Ray Labonte has been busy this summer logging flights on his BobCat XL. Ray has been a very active BVM dealer (Ray & Robins Hobby Center - Portland, ME) for many years now.

Jack Price went all out on his tiger paint scheme over his BobCat XL. Jack has been using the Duralite Batteries Plus which has allowed him to make many flights between charges. A JetCat P-120 provides the push!

Ed Allen with his BobCat XL

Ed Allen of Temecula, California debuted his BobCat XL at the 2003 Dixie Jet Rally in St. George, Utah. Ed was a formidable competitor in the NMPRA Formula I event, and always placed high in the national standings. What better way for an ex-racer to spend his flying time than with a BVM Jet. Ed's construction and finish are of very high standard, and he received many accolades for his PPG checkerboard finish. PPG 2021 clear adds the final gloss and depth to the outstanding finish. Ed wisely chose the BobCat XL as his very first jet, and is achieving a high level of flight competence. He is another example of the "BVM success jet" concept.

Jon Vance's BobCat
Doug Cronkhite and Jon Vance seem quite happy with this handsome BobCat - nice paint lines by Bill Brundle. Success stories are never boring - they reinforce those who are getting their BVM jets ready for the first flight. Teamwork is key.

Click to view Doug's letter about the 1st outing.

Jacobo Sevilla's BobCat
Jacobo Sevilla of Culican, Mexico has logged many flights on his BobCat XL built by Sam Leonard. Jacobo has many other BVM jets that he enjoys as well.

A great craftsman and pilot, Justin can be proud of his accomplishment.

Justin Sands of Reton, Washington knows that external stores add "presence" to any jet fighter so he adapted a pair of Bandit wing tanks to his BobCat XL.

His research of Blue Angel aircraft allowed him to apply the correct yellow stripe to the sides of the tanks that the "Blues" used on cross country flights to get to the airshows.

A few degrees of nose down angle on tank pylons negates any need for a trim change. JetCat powers the tank equipped BobCat with ease - great action photo!

Kemp, Tom and Barry
from left to right - Kemp Gallineau, Tom Dodgen and Barry West

Fairly new to jets, but not to R/C flying, is Kemp Gallineau from Orlando, Florida. A recent outing at the RCACF club field in Apopka, FL. was the debut for his new P-120 powered BobCat.
After a thorough checkout by the BVM factory guys and a trim flight by Tom Dodgen, Kemp flew the BobCat 4 times within a 30 minute period between afternoon thunderstorms. High performance appeals to Kemp, so he was very pleased with the airframe/power combination.
His professional position as General Manager of the Gaylord Palms Hotel and Convention Center (six acres under glass) keeps Kemp very busy so he enlisted the services of Barry West to build and paint the BobCat. A BobCat flyer himself, Barry is also quite a craftsman.

Dr. Shani Studnik from Hollywood, Florida has been flying his BobCat with JetCat P-120 power.

Raymond Piette from Lauderdale, Fl has been enjoying his 16-1/2 pound BobCat! He chose a WREN 54 for power.

Gordon Dickens has been enjoying his BobCat XL with JetCat power. The paint is similar to a Hi-Vis NAVY scheme.

John Brickell from England is enjoying his BobCat. The first flights were accomplished just recently and John uses an AMT (Netherlands) Mercury H.P. for power.

Natalee Pischner

A natural beauty, Natalee Pischner, poses with the hand crafted beauty of Vern Kramer's BobCat XL. She is Francis' 12 year old daughter who joined us at the "Brave the Heat" jet event in Lake Wales, Fl.
Natalee was quite the busy pit girl, charging, fueling and cleaning the exquisite models of the Kramer/Pischner fleet. Watch out boys, she will be flying them soon!

Natalee Pischner

Vern Kramer
This is the latest creation of Vernon Kramer. So impressive we wanted you to see both sides. This BobCat really scoots with "SP" power.
Vern Kramer

Barry West

New to jets, but certainly not models, Barry West made his first flights on this great looking BobCat with RAM 500 power. Barry has a background in pylon racing. That's where he learned the art of crafting and painting. Welcome to jets Barry, we are glad that former racers have a new challenge.

Nikita Piankov of Somerville, MA finished up his BobCat and visited Ray Labonte (Ray & Robins Hobby Center - Portland, ME) who is a BVM dealer. Ray had previous flights on the BVM factory XL and assisted Nikita with the first flights. The model is powered by a JetCat P-80.

Lee's BobCat
Lee Reightler of Bel Air, Maryland finished his BobCat XL in an Air Force scheme. Lee uses an AMT AT-180 along with a JR 10X.

Lee Demary with his BobCat
Lee Demary of Denver, Colorado finished up his BobCat in a colorful scheme. Lee is using a JetCat P-120 for power and he says "My BobCat and MIG were a joy to build, and fly even better!" .

Lee recently (12/02) sent us this photo that was taken during some touch-n-go's, notice the vortices, photo compliments of Jerry Gerken.

John Hall's BobCat
"I am a rookie at building and found the kit to be excellent. Nothing was missing, a very nice kit to build." This comes from John Hall of Mesa, Arizona, it's his first turbine jet.

Rene Alvarez of Miami, Florida finished his BobCat in a "Bat-Jet" paint job. Rene is using a RAM 750 for power and has added landing lights in the front of the booms.

William Allison
William Allison from Louisville, Kentucky enlisted the aide of Jess Hogan to glass and paint his constructed BobCat. He installed a RAM 500 for power.

Galen Skeem and John Redman
Galen Skeem of Chehalis, Washington had BVM rep John Redman assist him with the first flights. Using a RAM 500, Galen says he's having a blast!

Harley's BobCat
BVM rep Harley Condra of San Diego, California has been enjoying his BobCat XL with RAM 750 power.

Mitch Weiss finished his BobCat XL in a vibrant color scheme. He chose an AMT Mercury for power and added a clear canopy.

The BobCat Stealth Fighter
David Carter from St. Petersburg, Florida finished his BobCat XL in the all black VX-4 scheme as seen on Dave Malchione's Phantom. At one point during the construction of his BobCat, David actually called BVM just to express how easily the kit assembled. He's using a RAM 750 for power and is pleased with the performance.

John Redman
BVM rep John Redman from Rosamond, California recently finished his BobCat XL, here are his words -

"Once again I can't express how happy I am with the Bobcat. This is one great jet!! After 6 flights I am so comfortable with it I just don't believe it. Fly it slow or fast, soft or hard it loves it all. Landing this bird is about as easy as you can get. I do believe you have possibly come up with what could be termed as the "American Express" jet. No pilot would want to leave home without one."

These in-flight shots were taken by Rich Fong at the Fresno Jet Rally.

Here is an email we recently received from Doug Cronkhite who met up with John Redman and his BobCat.