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evoJet B110ex - for all smaller jet models or ideal as a twin-engine drive with over 22 kg of thrust. The B110ex jet engine emerged from a collaboration with Wren Turbines and has equipment features from the  evoJet EX series. An electric starter motor and an electric kerosene ignition device (SFL12V) enable fully automatic starting processes from the remote control transmitter. Kerosene supply with only one hose line. A separate start line is no longer required!

  • New high-performance rotor for maximum thrust with very good running stability.

  • SFL12V - ceramic burner for fully automatic engine start is externally accessible.

  • Many stainless steel components for a long service life with the smallest construction.

  • JETRONIC-Ex ECU - particularly light and with powerful evoJet software.

  • All components from a single source and with a full evoJet guarantee.


Technical specifications:

Thrust:  typ. 11 kg at 160,000

Weight including assembly:  1 kg

Diameter:  90 mm

Rotational speed:  45,000 - 160,000 rpm

Exhaust gas temperature:  650 C - 730 C

Fuel:   320 g / min Jet A1 full load

Lubrication:   5% turbine oil in the fuel

Maintenance interval:   typ. 2-3 years / 160,000,000 / 25h


Contents complete package

B110ex jet engine with starting device, JETRONIC-Ex ECU, EDT display and programming device, precision fuel pump with bracket, fuel solenoid valve, fuel hoses, cable set, power switch cable, LiFe battery 4s as well as tank pendulum and suction head, mounting clamp, German operating instructions.



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evoJet Manual (PDF  5 MB)


evoJet B110ex Sketch (PDF 20 KB)








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